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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Celebrities awaiting enlistment reconsider their options in light of Rain's controversy

Article: Kim Hye Sung apologizes for service controversy "Although I received permission for it, I acknowledge that it was wrong..."

Source: TV Daily via Nate

1. [+1,011, -20] The real reason celebrity soldiers are getting hate lies with the military. Why are they even giving such permissions and treating them differently from the other soldiers?

2. [+912, -38] Any celebrity soldier that talks about their service after discharge is pretty much dead

3. [+714, -15] This puts all of the celebrities awaiting enlistment at a dilemma. They know they're going to get hated on the minute they get in as a celebrity soldier.


Article: Because of Rain's controversy?... "Dilemma over enlisting as a celebrity soldier"

Kuki News via Nate

Article interviewing various anonymous male actors/singers who are planning to enlist saying that they would rather avoid the drama in light of Rain's controversy and just serve two quiet years as an active duty.

1. [+926, -36] Did one of them seriously say, "It's not like celebrity soldiers have it any easier"? Are they kidding me?

2. [+859, -32] If they're a citizen of Korea, then they should know what the right thing is. Unless they want to end up like Boom on Strong Heart after two years of crap service.

3. [+805, -27] Oh Jong Hyuk is the cool guy here. If you have to go anyway, might as well do it like a man.



  1. The korean army and celebrity soldiers are guilty... I feel bad for normal soldiers.

  2. they keep on mentioning Boom whenever military thing is brought up. anyone knows what Boom did during his military service?

  3. They should be mad at the actual people making the policies and allowing this to happen, not the soldiers who might or might not take advantage of the opportunities given to them. Though it should be common sense to serve quietly and not make a fuss after you get out, especially if you had it easier than 99% of the rest of the guys.

  4. The reason why Koreans are pissed about Boom is because he was a celebrity soldier, who do nothing and have it easy. I know several as well as several who do office duty or parking meter maid duty, and they seriously don't do anything. One guy I know is in his second year, so he goes to work at 10 am and leaves at 2 pm, making his juniors do everything. He works like 25 hrs a week and has every weekend off.

    Also, no one likes a hypocrite. Boom was on a famous TV show, strong heart, and talked about his military service, making everyone mad~

    I'm Kamerican so I don't have to join~

  5. He also had 150 days of vacation. Which equals to about 23% of his enlistment.

  6. celebrity soldiers are the ones who ask special treatment and they don't obey superiors orders.

  7. They should be made to obey then. It's the freakin army.

  8. "....and they don't obey superiors orders" That doesn't make sense. Lets look at the guy who they exiled (can't remember his name). I mean he didn't disobey anyone he just lied to fans in interviews and on TV and then used a legal loophole to avoid military service and got exiled from the country because it pissed off so many people. You think they will let someone who is enlisted, in their custody and under their command disobey and not face any repercussions? Please.
    This is all the military's fault for allowing these guys to skate by because they are celebs. Not only should the celebs be punished (i think extending service by the time they got off is fair) but the officers who gave them the perks should be punished too as i am sure they received something in return.

  9. Why not shorten the time for celebrity in military but give them no holiday AT ALL. They could go back to business faster and do their duty right

  10. Why nobody talks about the lies media spreads about RAIN? Those 71 days, lies. The hotel thing. All 50 soldiers stayed at that hotel and was sponsored. If it was something wrong why nobody said a thing right there?

    Why wasn't an offier with him if it was against the regulations? Did he chasted them away?

    Sorry Korea, too much b***it. It smells miles away.

    And for your information Korean soldiers that work in PR are doing concerts, preparations for concerts, radio, TV and their job as soldiers. So, please...

  11. he served as a celebrity soldier, and after his discharge he went on shows and talked about how hard military service was. He should've kept his mouth shut but he wanted attention, I guess.

  12. you can be mad at both the system and the celebs.

  13. The existence of the term 'celebrity soldier' seems to be one of the problems here....I mean 'CELEBRITY' soldiers?

  14. If you think that prepping for concerts and doing radio shows is the main purpose of a military force, you need to come back to the real world.

    The military exists first and foremost as a force with which a country has to defend itself.

    Not as some summer camp where people go to learn how to sing and dance and act in plays.

  15. Shortening their time...? No.

    The problem here is favoritism. Allowing celebrities to serve for a shorter period of time just because they can sing or dance (some can't even do either *cough*Leeteuk*cough*) is ridiculous.

    What's right is for them to force celebrities to adhere to the exact same rules and regulations as everyone else.

    No cutting their enlistment date short.
    No special vacations.
    Make their hair up to regulations.
    Make them stand watch in the freezing cold.
    No phone calls or letters home.
    And take away their vacation days when they fuck up.

    It's not like they're even serving for a very long time.

    Army and Marines = 21 months
    Navy = 23 months
    Air Force = 24 months

    Only public service workers have to work anywhere from 24 to 36 months.

    And it's not like this is new information to anyone either. Celebrities already know, because they are Korean citizens and this has been in effect for the past 60 years, that they have to serve.

    Just fucking DO THE DAMN THING LIKE A MAN and get it over with. Shit.

  16. LOL an army doesn't need PR soldiers. Getting their soldiers well-trained for war and actually coming back victorious is the best PR any army can have. Having PR soldiers actually defeat the purpose, because they're so contradictory. While the job of PR soldiers is actually supposed to bring in a better reputation for the army, they're mostly just really controversial and most people don't think too highly of them. So in actual fact, it's not helping.

    Most people acknowledge the problem doesn't lie only on Rain, the military is to be blamed for the existing system. But Rain has only himself to blame too. He could have refused, but he didn't and he chose to take the easy route. So really, he has no one to blame but himself for all the things he's facing now.

  17. Just fucking DO THE DAMN THING LIKE A MAN and get it over with. Shit.

    That is excatly the thing I want to say these whining netizen. They are like crying how hard my army life was, I missed my mom and now celebrities have a easier army life it is so unfair I must leave hateful comments. If you ask me they should send these whining netizen back to the army to grow little more.

  18. Yes, favoritism. Then the problem comes from the military side, no? If they can 'force' the celebrity like you said, then all those celebrities could do is obey, and this special treatment won't be happening

  19. Except they do to FUND and pay for you war, cuz bullets and food and guns ain't free. and they use the money generated by the celebrity shoulders to help pay for their standing army if Koreans want to pay more in taxes then eliminate the celebrity soldiers but if they don't then they can deal.

  20. Read again. I said AND THEIR JOBS AS SOLDIERS. Duhhh! And thanks so much for enlightening me on a soldier job. (rolling eyes).