[Rumor] Sasaeng fans drug Himchan's drink + rigs Kai's present with a hidden camera

This is a Pann post and none of this is confirmed so just keep in mind that it's a rumor.


A netizen uploaded a screencap of a conversation she had with a friend who's friends with a B.A.P. sasaeng fan. In an effort to get their attention, she had given Himchan a cup of coffee mixed with constipation meds.

"When B.A.P. was promoting 'Power', she said that she gave Himchan a cup of coffee with constipation medicine mixed into it when she saw him on their way to work. I wondered if he was known to have constipation issues or anything else that could possibly warrant such an action. She waited for him to leave the broadcast hall and asked if he drank it and he said he did. When you watch B.A.P.'s performance that day, his face looks completely ghost white, he messes up his choreography, he looks unable to find his balance, and he finally falls over, hitting himself on stage equipment. He looked to have injured his back but went back on stage and kept performing. The crazy girl reacted to this saying she thought it was fun and that she's going to have something worse planned when they make their next comeback."

Apparently if you watch their 120511 Music Bank performance, Himchan is sweating profusely and looks visibly uncomfortable, on top of messing up the choreography a few times. A lot of the Korean comments on it do mention it.


1. [+277, -3] Seriously, what have celebrities done to deserve this?

2. [+213, -8] I really don't know why celebrities have to put up with this;; Is she serious about putting bond in drinks for B.A.P.'s concert?

3. [+173, -3] Why Himchan... She can't be a sasaeng fan, she has to be an anti.

4. [+26, -0] EXO Kai also received a stuffed animal as a gift from a fan while at the airport. The doll couldn't get past security so they searched it and found a hidden camera in its eye.
- I seriously got goose bumps
- Goose bumps...


Fans have started to e-mail TS Entertainment to ask them to refrain the boys from accepting food from fans.


The comment about Kai really scared me so I searched up on it for further information and found dozens of fanblogs talking about it ***[Update] Several fans have pointed out that the teddy bear rumor was confirmed to be false. ***

On January 18th, the group was at the airport to visit the Philippines but they were delayed due to visa issues with EXO-M. This caused a greater sasaeng turnout than usual.

Kai was standing near the stairs when a sasaeng fan grabbed him, causing him to fall down and injure his chin and knee. Other sasaengs reported seeing sasaengs near him touch him in inappropriate places. He was unable to get up on his own, leading Baekhyun to try and lift him up.

A sasaeng was overheard saying, "I need to take his picture, move your head", among other swears to Baekhyun.

Tao apparently wrote on his Weibo in broken Korean asking fans to please stop because he doesn't want his members getting hurt anymore.

Before, Jongin had suffered an incident where he was holding a stuffed animal a fan had given him. He couldn't pass through security so they searched him and found a hidden camera in the teddy bear's eye that had been on and filming the entire time.

You can see the pictures on these blogs [1] [2].


I found another blog post that had a compilation of sasaeng acts against EXO. I don't know if any of these are confirmed or not.

1. A sasaeng fan bought the same van as EXO and used it to wait outside EXO's schedules. Luhan actually tried to get on it once but his manager freaked out and pulled him out.

2. Kyungsoo once had a bruise on his eye because a 'daepo sasaeng' (daepo = DSLR camera) hit him in the eye.

3. Tao was at a foreign hotel for a schedule and sasaengs had installed a recording device in the bathroom that recorded noise of him showering and humming a song.

4. Kai's teddy bear incident

5. Lay went back to his waiting room to find all their bags opened and their contents strewn around

6. A sasaeng fan stuffed something into a member's bag and ran away and it ended up being her underwear.

7. Sehun and Luhan were sexually harrassed by them.

8. Sasaeng fans were on their knees crawling around outside EXO's dorm so when people asked what they were doing, they said they were trying to find EXO's stray hairs.