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Sunday, September 30, 2012

G-Dragon shows Taeyang's puppy love

Article: G-Dragon shares picture of 'dog lover' Taeyang... Netizens respond "Cute"

TV Report via Nate

1. [+142, -52] I'm not defending G-Dragon, and I think most people are like me offline in that they don't really care about what he's been up to since the marijuana incident.. I remember seeing him at Ellui with Lee Soo Hyuk and a few others where they ordered 10 bottles of Dom Perignon, but that's about it.

You have to realize that there are a lot of idols that play as hard as he does, it's just not revealed on the surface. I know one girl group member who acts as if she can't even be near cigarettes but anytime the group has overseas schedules, she'll grab a hotel room and use marijuana... I'm off topic but what I'm trying to say is that this is the nature of the entertainment industry.

From my perspective, I feel that his fans are pitiful for trying to protect their bias in any way they can, and I feel frustrated with the netizens for trying to see how far they can take this.. As a person completely unrelated to either side, I do admit that his reflection period was really short after his marijuana scandal and that he made a bad judgement in regards to that..

Yeah, GD probably has his own side to the story, but I think it'd be wise of him to stop doing media play like this thinking that antis will eventually give up on their own.. I mean, his occupation depends entirely on the interest of the public. Understand that just because you have popularity now doesn't mean you'll have it 10 years later, so wake up and do well...

2. [+121, -66] Stupid Big Bang fangirls, you think that only people on the internet hate on Big Bang? If you bring up the topic of Big Bang to anyone around me, you hear all sorts of swears ㅋㅋ Marijuana Jiyong, Sadist Seungri, we have a lot of laughs thanks to Big Bang ㅋ

Kang Ho Dong took a year off for reflection with just suspicions of tax evasion alone, while Kim Gu Ra even went on hiatus for reflection for something he said 10 years ago. In comparison to them, Big Bang is ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ We didn't even ask for an apology, all we asked is that you do at least as much as the others in comparison. No explanations were given, all you guys are doing is trying to sweep everything under the rug~ You're no different from T-ara and Kwang Soo ㅋㅋㅋ At least have some shame

3. [+90, -43] G-Dragon shares a picture of 'marijuana lover'... Netizens respond "Swears"



  1. this Fans vs Netizens is too lulz

  2. Whether or not the guys took a hiatus, I doubt if netizens would ever let the scandals go anyway. Haters will bring past mistakes up every chance they get.

  3. ^^ Exactly, Anonymous. They are still shitting on Kang Ho Dong even though he left for a year. GD can't do anything to please them, they are haters just for the sake to hate.

  4. Eh, I'm somewhat with the netizens on this 'reflection period'. While international fans are not used to it as our top celebrities can go ahead and do whatever they want all the time it doesn't seem to be that way in Korea tbh.

    The line "Kang Ho Dong took a year off for reflection with just suspicions of tax evasion alone, while Kim Gu Ra even went on hiatus for reflection for something he said 10 years ago" should pretty much express expectations of netizens and/or the public when it comes to scandals REGARDLESS of what the international community thinks is a scandal (many I-fans attacking and looking down upon Korea for the fact that marijuana smoking was a scandal in the first place).

    GD really should have taken some time off to let everything cool down. From my perspective, him not doing any of that while higher profile people than himself do it seems like a big slap in the face to everyone else, and hints at slight arrogance. I don't know him personally, but if he/his company wanted to avoid continuous shitstorm (at the time, and now in the future) they shoulda played accordingly and taken some time off. Expecting to comeback relatively soon and everything to be all hunky-dory and to rely on fans to clean up mess and lower the seriousness of the offense is pretty arrogant IMO. Then again, I don't know YG's strategies at all.

    1. I agree. Even Nichkhun took some time off.
      I guess YG just handles things differently and they know that BIGBANG's fanbase is pretty strong.

  5. I agree with the first netizen whole-heartedly

  6. we, iVips, don't give a shit to those so-called scandals of Bigbang. If knetizens hate them so much, it doesn't matter. There are still many ppl who love their music and will spend money to buy their concert ticket and album.
    "This little boy comes out and owns the stage
    Can’t seem to like him, keep seeing him
    Turn your eyes to avoid me but everywhere you go it’s his music" - GD-one of a kind

    => So haters gonna hate, you should bear with Bigbang cause they are everywhere now in Korea. You can do nothing whether you like them or not hehe

  7. My thing is, they use KHD and KGR as recent reflections but there have been a bunch of idols/actors who have even shorter reflection periods, drunk driving, assault etc, not to mention the oodles of celebs who have just deny and move on. Moreover, like someone said above, regardless of how much he reflected, even before that instance many of these people/netizens bashed him for a million other things.

    Daesung completely disappeared, helped rebuild his church etc etc and still to some that wasn't proper reflection. Some people are using this reflection period as a scapegoat when they just don't like them.

    If they think his reflection wasn't long enough, so be it. They are well within their right not to like gd, just as is fans are well within their right to still like him. The thing that pisses me off is them bashing the fans as if, what they say/how they feel is the gospel and the fans that don't agree are insane.

  8. LOL iVIP don't worry, Netizens don't present Korean public, that's why BIGBANG's still famous like that :))

  9. Big Bang sick now, they should just disband!

  10. daesung did 'reflection time' and to what good? yg is a bussines and it's not productive to lose money just becuz 200+ netizens say so.

  11. i think now it's become Little Bang?

  12. Lol, if BIGBANG is such a horrible group, why are they selling out concert tickets around the world? Important to keep in mind the article that netizenbuzz translated - the most vocal comments are from the minority. The majority of the public probably could care less about GD's scandal and just enjoys his music, otherwise he wouldn't be topping charts and winning music shows.

    1. "selling out tickets around the world" yep around the world=I-fans.
      I and K fans have pretty much different mindsets..