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Saturday, September 29, 2012

BoA reveals Jang Dong Gun is the new maknae of SM Entertainment

Article: BoA "Now Jang Dong Gun is SM's maknae, not Lee Jae Ryong"

Newsen via Nate

1. [+242, -16] SM has officially snagged the #1 rank as a company... Back in the day, it would've been Sidus but SM has definitely grown a lot since then

2. [+239, -17] On the roll they're going, SM could even set up their own broadcast network

3. [+220, -42] Hul, Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul are under SM now?? They even have all those other MCs and singers... Wow, SM's amazing, they've pretty much got every industry covered. I guess they aren't our country's top company for no reason.

4. [+54, -5] I don't think this is a laughing matter. Without competition, there's no advancement.

5. [+52, -10] I don't hate BoA or anything but I want Lee Soo Man to stop... After 'SM Nation', I'm scared of what they'll come up with next.. (TN: Netizens thought that the SM Nation stint at their SMTOWN concerts with all of the flags and representing themselves as their own country was scary and cult-like).


Because I know some of you will mention it, there were a lot of comments saying that BoA's in no position to be ranking others, especially a great senior like Jang Dong Gun, but many also did retort saying that she was merely responding to the MC's question and left her answer at that. People were mostly too concerned with SM "swallowing the industry whole" than BoA's statement.



  1. 4th and 5th comment A+

  2. SME is becoming a monopoly....while the industry just watches on.....
    Now anyone they don't like for whatever petty reason will be banned from the industry and television.....

  3. big difference oh well......
    it's true that it looks like sme is taking over the industry and with no competition I'm wondering how Korea industry will be like in the future. it's enough that there are so many problems and no one is addressing it.

    1. actually to continue with above, what about tara's company? I always read that they are the biggest and have the monopoly of the acting field or something but I'm a little confused..

  4. 4th and 5th comments are indeed so true.

  5. "Netizens thought that the SM Nation stint at their SMTOWN concerts with all of the flags and representing themselves as their own country was scary and cult-like" I'm glad knetizens thought that way...that's the impression i got from it.

  6. But when Leeteuk says basically almost the same thing, K&I netizens reign insults on him like there's no forget about how big SME is getting and just curse the guy out..but here they are focusing on SME and not BoA's statement.....oh the funnies.....

    I don't like the guy either but some of the hate he gets for some things are unnecessary...if people get angry for a good reason then i wouldn't vcare

  7. @ Anon 2:26

    Yes T-ara's agency is a subsidiary of a hug conglomerate CJ Group, just google them up and you would know just how huge they are.....But people don't complain about them unless it's SME....They even tried to swallow up SME which led to the feud between MNET & SME back in 2009.....

    No one cares if any other agency gets huge unless it's SME....

    1. I'm the one who asked about tara's agency, thanks for replying!
      I read about the feud but didnt find much information so this helped..

      it's true that I find more people talking about how sme is taking over buy nothing about CJ Group (that I know of) and I wonder if they still have much influence?

    2. They are very influent in the market, they have over 5 TV channels including mnet, tvN & national geographic channel, they have CJ Entertainment which is a huge movie production company, mnet media which has CCM, FNC, GM Contents, then they have Good Entertainment. They have CJ CGV a movie theater chain, pharmaceuticals, food service chains, home shopping and so much more......majority of their subsidiaries are huge in the market not just small compare to SME and tell me who's scarier.....

    3. oh wow that's really a lot.... I understand that netizens are mentioning sme more because of these recruitment but seriously cj group sounds scarier :/

  8. ^ WAT. ofc people do XD

    Is just that, their expansion is been done very publicly and that's why people are aware of it.

  9. ^
    Everyone knows about CJ Group, it's not a hidden fact it's quite public but no one complains...people love to hate on SME and the more netizens hate on them openly the more power they give them in the eyes of the public and other companies.....

  10. [+52, -10] I don't hate BoA or anything but I want Lee Soo Man to stop... After 'SM Nation', I'm scared of what they'll come up with next.. (TN: Netizens thought that the SM Nation stint at their SMTOWN concerts with all of the flags and representing themselves as their own country was scary and cult-like).

    "Cult-like" --> AMEN. Those were my exact thoughts!

  11. ^CJ Group does not have a history of cockblocking if anyone ever chooses to leave their groups. Their separate companies also do not act as a whole....they act as separate bodies. For example where was CJ when the whole T-ara issue was happening? Their power could have saved T-ara much hate. Also, actors/singers under CJ Group do not usually refer to the actors/singers under other companies...even though they are all under CJ.

    On the other hand, even though JDG is under the drama sector of SME and not SME the 'idol' part....Boa is speaking as though they are one collective body and not parts that make up a whole and will be managed differently. CJ Group doesn't have a CJ 'family'....but when the actors and MC's joined C&C they became a part of the SME 'family'. CJ also does not use his influence (if he does) as openly as SME. In the years ahead I believe we will see fewer 'new' companies and actors and more idol drama's from C&C. And anyone who does not agree with, offends/criticizes, or tries to leave SME will be cockblocked.

    It's becoming a scary world. And, for me personally if I see more SME-like drama productions in the drama industry, I am out of here.

  12. ^ Anyone can leave SME as long as your contract is up they don't cockblock you but if your contract isn't over then it'a a different case and CCM has had their share of trying to destroy their artists and i'm not referring to T-ara Hwayoung case....Also if not for their huge backing do you think CCM would have the liver to be doing what they do? Just because CJ Group has their subsidiaries acting independently does not mean that they do behind the scenes, if you're part of a huge company, they monitor and back up each other because what affects one affects the whole companies overall earnings

  13. ^ im a diff. anon. anyways i think the anon above you has a point, altho ive read criticism about CJ Company too, but this company doesnt talk openly about being one family and belonging to "SM Town" and its very interesting how when the T-ara issue began, it was not quickly sweeped under a rug. A huge conglonerate like CJ Co. would definately have the means to yet they didn’t.

    Anyways i think both SM and CJ are scary in that they will swallow the whole industry and its too bad that the SK givernment doesnt have any regulations for monopolies tbh....or at least it seems they dont, since it seems huge companies like Samsung and the Korean govt. work as one

    1. The main reason why T-ara's issue couldn't be swept under the rug easily was because it started from public twits and a bad response from their company. Hence there's nothing much that can be done to shut netizens up at that point, you can stop certain media coverage but netizens still have a huge voice in Korea....if those twits never went out no one would have known anything.....

      Yes both companies are basically gunning for monopoly in the industry but only one is being painted as a villain by the's the ones who do things quietly that are scarier in my opinion......

  14. ^ I am Anon3:17
    I disagree with Anon3:30. Shinhwa left the company after their contract was done and they were blocked. JTL's was basically kicked out for no reason, and then were blocked. Basically, if you are famous and leave the company (aka have a chance to make good profit), and still have the chance to uphold the fame you will be blocked. The girl from CSJH was not blocked because their fame has dropped significantly because of SME's mismanagement.

    I agree with Anon3:47 both CJ and SME are very scary monopolies. But, I believe SME is even functions like a cult. (This is coming from from a DBSK and post-split JYJ fan). For example, they get trainees at a very young age, completely brainwash them with the cult mentality ('you mast be grateful to your father/the leader LSM; and if you leave you will go into the world of 'hell' and destroy yourselves; so to protect yourselves it is only good you stay with us'). Also, most SME artists are scared of criticizing their company even though they don't even get paid that well (they still live in dorms).

    1. Shinhwa was never blocked, SME just wanted their name they were performing as normal and released new works....JTL weren't kicked out they left the company before their contact was up because of unfair contact (where are you getting your info from?)

      ALL companies get trainees at very very young age but you only puck on SME? Isn't that just too biased?

    2. What even.. Shinhwa was never blocked, jtl were not kicked out, wtf. Where did you get all the false info?? SMH. This is what you get if you blindly hate a company and everyone that has relations to it just because your bias are "suffering". Lots of company scouted trainees in a very young age, anon. Come on now, since when is being grateful to your head of company is considered "cult mentality". What. The. Fuck. Here we go again with the payment issue :/ sme artist are so spoiled. The company pay everything for them, housing, food, etc (you're gonna say BUT IT'S ALL FROM THE ARTIST'S MONEY. I don't even want to explain anymore so whatever). When they called it dorm, it's not like a small damp dorm. They all live in the expensive area chungdamdong, the senior one like tvxq, snsd, sj, all have been provided with a luxurious place that sm paid for them to live. With that, the artists are not even restricted to live in other places if they want to.

  15. Adding on....monopolies in general are SCARY. They are what's ruining the American economy right now....and the greedy upperclass.

  16. ^ Does the American Dream still exist?

  17. ^I am not sure about Shinhwa...I will have to research that again.....but JTL didn't leave. They didn't have the option of staying because SME didn't renew their contract. They only renewed their contracts with Kngta and Moon Hye Jun (don't know if I spelled his name right). And later they dropped Moon Hye Jun....and fans had to help him pay for the production of his new album because he didn't have enough money. And JTL WAS blocked after they decided to create a team. Please also research this again before making statements. The one's who know about this issue the most are H.O.T. please check with them if you can.

    Also, I know of the fact that entertainment companies sign on singers at a young age.....and that in itself is scary. Watching cult videos from the safety of my home in Canada, makes me feel sorry for all these people. Especially the younger generation. I also, think alongside this fan groups also act like 'cults' with names, colors, favorites, opponents, etc.

    Additionally, you are correct in identifying my hatred for SME (the corporation, not the artists), because of it's history of abuse of power, manipulation, and creating fear in people, so much so, that only the rare person will criticize SME. When this changes (if it does), in the future, my opinion will also change.
    This is why I NEVER want SME/ or a group of theirs to become successful on the world stage, because it signals to other companies that it is okay to misuse and abuse laws if you are not caught.

  18. here is an old document showing cj group's reach back in 2006. since then, they've gotten EVEN LARGER.

  19. ^ Re: "Does the American Dream still exist?"

    When I looked up the definition of the American dream it stated "The traditional social ideals of the United States, such as equality, democracy, and material prosperity." On this note, I do not think the American dream still exists.

    On the issue of equality:
    -The rich have more rights and opportunities than the poor. The poor cannot even afford healthcare in America, which is a basic human right. (I am from Canada).
    -People are not treated equally based on race. Under the Obama administration, the country has become a 'police state' where citizens of America are regularly spied on. I am referring to the Muslim population. Also, there have been many unjustified Muslim imprisonments in America, where people who are innocent of any crime, are STILL in prison. Also, I think it is a known fact that American media portrays the 'other' (aka racist language and rhetoric) the most in the world. Especially against Hispanics (they are called illegals) and Muslims (aka the 'terrorists')
    -Also, comparing the rich and the poor again, it was clearly evident when you government gave million dollar bailouts to rich companies when it was their OWN fault for going almost bankrupt. Whereas, dozens of poor peoples shops had to close and no one blinked an eye.

    Based on democracy:
    -I honestly believe that America is now just a 'democratic' country in name. The governments mostly work for the welfare of the rich corporations (who are their funders, lobbyists, etc.) while ignoring the plight of the poor, who are growing in number. As long as wealthy corporations have the amount of power that they do, America is a 'failed' democracy. The reason for this is because irregardless of who is elected the president ends up working for the same group of people. And honestly Romney speech vs. Obama's wasn't very different if you looked at them critically. Romney is just not as eloquent as Obama.

    On material prosperity:
    I think the dream to work hard and have a good life is not ONLY an American dream. In fact, every person in the world has a similar dream...except of course those people who just waste their lives in stupid pursuits (Aka alcoholism and drug addiction, etc.)
    But the fact is that America has been blessed with having the best innovators. And if you read their autobiographies most of them didn't even have a college degree. But, I think South Korea, China, and Japan (even though they are having some problems right now) will become more innovative as the years move on. Especially China, which has 1/4 of the worlds population and a greater increase of educated people without jobs.

    Overall, I don't think there really is an American dream anymore. Most people have given up. And statistics show that there are people in America who have degrees....but even have given up looking for jobs.

    Anyways, I don't know why I am having this random discussion in a KPop blog lol X____X

  20. @ Anon 5:12
    H.O.T broke up while they were still in SME the reason why has never been revealed but what's known is that JLT wanted to leave the company but Kangta & Moon decided to stay hence there was a drift in their relationship. When JLT wanted to leave SME gave Kangta & Moon a very good ($) contract and Moon wasn't kicked out, when his contract was over he left (or they didn't renew it cos he wasn't bringing in any profits hence he tried to start his own company...and the whole contract thing you're taking about, i think you're somewhat confused, it was Shinhwa that left SME due to Eric and another member getting a favorable new contract when time for contract renewal came by SME while the others didn't and the 2 that got the contract refused and decided that they would stay with the team and left SME.....

    Argueing any futher with you would be a waste since you just plan on hating the company.....Business wise, i love the company more than the artists.....

  21. ^Anon5:55
    First off, please note, that there is a difference between arguing and debating.
    In my viewpoint I thought we were debating. But, I guess you think I am arguing with you for whatever reason. (Do you have preference of SME or something?)
    I will agree with you that SME is the BEST in Korea for using their many sunbae-connections, propaganda, and unfair-onside-benefit contracts to advance as a corporation. On another note, they are the best company with the best approach to spreading their artists in the wider East Asian market. This is the best I can give them. Otherwise, if you ask me as a individual, after looking at the pros and cons would I ever consider signing on to SME given the opportunity or even letting my children.....that is a big NO! But, then again the wealthy are just supposed to run businesses....and don't really have any moral responsibilities. They are just supposed to make profit right? Not just SME, I am also against, Chocolate making companies, Disney, etc.

    On the point you made about Shinhwa, I already know that. After research....(I don't know where you are getting your info from).....they were blocked in the industry during the lawsuit. I would also like to know where you are getting your info from so we can have a 'real' discussion. It seems both our points are mired in hearsay and not 'real' facts. (What I got was from a past H.O.T. fan. I will try to find the source).

  22. So, whether JTL left on their own or not, how do you explain SM cockblocking them from being on television or any sort of shows? Internet culture wasn't as large back then either so they weren't able to survive as well like groups today can.

    What SM did to JTL is what makes them one of the dirtiest companies, imo. Their contracts were up, they were free to leave. They weren't even offered lucrative packages with SM to stay like the other two were.
    But SM still felt the need to block them and make it as hard as possible for them to make and release music.

    The only think I'm happy about is that these days, the JTL members are popular while the other two that decided to stay are basically has-beens. Funny how fate works

    1. Wow where the fuck did you get this info?? Kangta is still one of the most well known and loaded of all the hot members.... Woohyuk and tony too, with tony owning some companies including TN ent with some well known actors/talents. Guess who tony talked to a lot regarding business these days? Lee soo man. He and kangta said it themselves. Funny how "fate" works indeed.

  23. Kangta is still the member with most money and fame the only member that can come close to him with popularity is WooHyuk. That much is common knowledge and i'm not even a fan. So your logic about "fate" is not correct in this case.

  24. call it dejavu but I remember leeteuk said the same thing about a sunbae and everyone flammed him... whats with the hate? O__o

    on the monopoly thing, i'm a bit concerned of what SM could become... its the same concern I had when i actually discovered how huge CJ group was O__o... they only need do things like to openly create a broadcast station and we're done!

  25. Ugh stop SM... Really. Cult like and scary is what I'm thinking. That one acor already under sm in gentleman's dignity probably convinced them all to join... I'm really starting to hate sm now..

  26. CJ group is waaay bigger and worse than SM Ent...
    SM is a little child compared to them.

  27. People are forever complaining about SME n how they ill-treat the artists wen SME artists starts earning from debut instead of having pay off debt system, living in good dorms unlike others tat lived half below ground houses, having huge vans, going on holidays wen they have no schedules, traveling around as an SMTOWN as world tour concert.

  28. ^Because they're dumb twats swallowing up words by even bigger twats believing everything they see and hear. SME artists debuting with them have their pros and cons, LIKE ANY OTHER COMPANY, but profits and fame will surely follow them since SM can demand the best deals for their talent.

  29. 5th comment about SM acting cult-ish at SMTOWN is true :|

  30. CJ group are far bigger than SME..
    and lookin back to SM vs CJ back in 2009, right after that 3 members of tvxq sued SM for slave contract things, and now They are under CJs Entertainment which is subsidary of CJ Group..

  31. ^JYJ are not affiliated with CJ group. They are with an agency called CJes. The CJ theater even cancelled on them last minute to show SME Family in New York instead....

  32. Heil LSM! Heil, mein fuhrer! Sieg Heil!

  33. Because I know some of you will mention it, there were a lot of comments
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