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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Leeteuk gives his hair style a change ahead of enlistment

Article: Leeteuk dyes his hair, 180 degree change ahead of army enlistment

Source: Newsen via Nate

1. [+273, -106] Please don't make a big deal out of doing something everyone else has to do and serve safely

2. [+264, -9] Yeah... gotta do it while you still have hair

3. [+262, -52] He's the leader of a group with a lot of controversies so he's obviously gotten a lot of late, but how great is it that he enlisted as an active duty soldier. It would have been even better if he went as a soldier instead of a promotional unit but.. Whatever the case, I hope he doesn't get hurt during his service.



  1. o_O he still have hair..
    all the news just because he changed his color hair WTF

  2. hopefully Ifans can learn to be respectful and not bring up triggering things like the previous article...

    it's just a twitter selca why need to make a big deal about it Korea media, it's just a hairstyle o.O

  3. I don't think he ever dyed his hair black Abd styled like that, it looks good on him tbh.


  4. to AnonymousSeptember 29, 2012 2:04 PM
    mediaplay from SM, making a Selca news. Making it bigger, wtv.

    1. when you say media okay I'm assuming you mean sme pushed this article to the top?
      I barely know anything about Korea media so I find it a little hard to believe just for a selca, like what's the reason lol

  5. the article is honestly stupid.

    Leeteuk just had another haircut. SM pay for irrelevant Leeteuk articles -__-

  6. haha. good job on active duty, teukie. it made your reputation up... a bit.

  7. .. his hair is going to be shaved off anyway. why would he even bother lol

  8. An article of Leeteuk with a T-shirt. Its a miracle

  9. Shave your head and get going already you prick

  10. Wouldn't be surprised if Teuk paid for this article with his own money