Bang Shi Hyuk's cozy texts with Le Sserafim resurface among claims of him ignoring New Jeans

Article: With Hybe accused of discriminating against New Jeans... Bang Shi Hyuk under fire for 'warm communication' with Le Sserafim

Source: X Sports News via Nate

[+159, -11] Hybe's the main (Le Sserafim, ILLIT) with New Jeans and their agency as the sub. Hybe has the power to throw Min Hee Jin out as they hold 80% stake, they just need a reason for it. Someone with Bang Shi Hyuk's ego is obviously finding it a problem that his sub is doing better than his main. No one's going to protect New Jeans in that company, and they'll end up like Girlfriend in a matter of time. 

[+109, -3] As the head of a multi-label company, why is he playing favorites in the first place?

[+82, -2] Meanwhile, Bang Shi Hyuk even sent gifts to a YouTuber who filmed content with Sakura

[+47, -4] Hybe-ya, you said you'd protect New Jeans... but if this is how you treat them on the regular...

[+6, -0] Wasn't he like this with Girlfriend too?

[+4, -0] if Hybe gets what they want and Min Hee Jin is kicked, then New Jeans will be put on that "hiatus" like they wanted and left on the backburner while they push ILLIT. They sound like a cult. They'll only favor you if you follow their ways.

[+1, -0] He still has no picture with New Jeans.. ㅋㅋ