Twice's Dahyun and B1A4's Jinyoung in talks as leads for 'You Are the Apple of My Eye' movie remake

Article: Twice Dahyun and B1A4 Jinyoung to play 'first loves' as leads in movie 'You Are the Apple of My Eye'

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+339] If this is her first go at acting, wouldn't it make more sense to take a supporting role first? This is so wrong for all the actors who've been waiting for their opportunity 😢

[+198] Please use actual actors... especially for movies. It's so hard to focus on the story when idols are acting...

[+246] Jinyoung at least has some acting experience under his belt so I'll give him a pass but Twice's Dahyun?? So random?? And a lead role right off the bat at that??

[+137] Not looking forward to this at all

[+51] Would've preferred Go Yun Jung

[+21] This is such a good movie... but the female lead is disappointing. Tired of idols taking lead roles...

[+1] Jinyoung's acting is good so I don't care about his casting but Dahyun doesn't even match the character. Why oh why are we still giving roles to idols like this? So many people with talent weaiting for their turn

[+22] Just clarifying in case people don't know, Dahyun's first acting is project is currently an indie movie that she's filming right now!! And JYP already said they're only in talks for this role right here, nothing's confirmed yet!! Please don't hate ㅠㅠ..

[+1] I won't watch if Dahyun's cast in this. This is such a great movie, I can't stand her ruining it.

[+169] Please stop giving lead roles to first-timers ㅠㅠ

[+12] If we're casting based on faces alone, my picks would be Go Yun Jung and Park Ki Woong...


Source: Insight

[+175] Unless these idols are quitting their idol jobs or disbanding their groups, please give these opportunities to actual actors with talent who need the leg up.

[+121] Ah.. is this the best the casting team could do? I love Twice, my biases are Dahyun and Jihyo, and while I think Jinyoung is talented enough, I have my reserves about this casting... 😢

[+12] I'm a Twice fan but I would've preferred another talented rising actor for this. Dahyun is not in a position where she needs this role life or death... and it's not like she has any other work to prove she has the acting chops to pull this off. Why give her a leading role so soon..

[+59] Wow, it's going to be hard to beat the original

[+10] One of my favorite movies, but I don't like this casting....

[+18] Um.... Dahyun...