Another ILLIT dance accused of copying New Jeans

Article: "Wrist dance? New Jeans did it first" ILLIT, another dance under controversy

Source: Dispatch via Nate

[+152, -4] Min Hee Jin-ssi was right. Hybe is never good for anyone. Look at what's happening. These girls did nothing wrong but they're getting all this hate, and who do you think is causing it? If you're an adult with a brain, discern for yourself instead of throwing a tantrum like "no one would have known if Min Hee Jin had just kept her mouth shut!!" Who. caused. this? How is any of this for the good of both groups? This is breach of trust, is it not?

- [+27, -2] Even before Min Hee Jin ever said anything, communities were talking about how similar the groups are.. this was really foolish by Hybe

[+80, -3] When coincidences keep happening, these are no longer coincidences but the truth

[+73, -2] And this is why they're called Replica Jeans, tsk tsk

[+49, -2] Copying even a CF dance ㅋㅋㅋ amazing of Copyllit

- [+6, -1] This is so wrong of their agency

[+12, -1] I can understand things being similar but if the choreographer or director of the original is offended by it, then you're obviously in the wrong for copying, no??

[+3, -0] Eh, I don't see a girl group without any creativity of their own lasting very long 

[+2, -0] Heo Se Ryeon

[+2, -0] It really does look the same


Source: SBS News via YouTube

[+692] For these choreographers, their livelihoods are on the line, but they were still brave enough to stand up against a large corporation like Hybe ㅠㅠ you can feel how blisteringly unfair it is

[+328] Min Hee Jin was not lying, she had every right to be pissed. I'd want to flip the company upside down if they were stealing from me like this.

[+450] Everyone kept making fun of K-Pop for being factory punch-outs so Hybe went and really made a factory punch-out... what are they going to do about their vocals~

[+573] Shi Hyuk-ah, you need to do a press conference... Min Hee Jin knew what was going to happen when she chose to stand before the cameras, so why aren't you man enough to do the same?

[+431] Hybe's hilarious, it's so true that they're trying to destroy New Jeans, Min Hee Jin has been right all along

[+375] Continued coincidences are truths

[+159] This is so exhausting... I know that the ILLIT kids have nothing to do with this but it's hard to see them in a favorable light still;

[+251] It's exactly the same. The poor choreographers.

[+188] People who have no problems stealing will never understand the pain that goes into creating something yourself

[+196] There is nothing original about this group


Source: Naver

[+590, -6] Sigh... how are they not embarrassed

[+478, -12] I'm just an amateur and even I can tell it's not just slightly similar but the group's completely ripped off from top to bottom

[+374, -17] Min Hee Jin uncovered something big

[+286, -16] Bang Shi Hyuk needs to stop having ILLIT copy everything and go practice their singing. It's getting too sad to even bear watching anymore.

[+86, -6] I don't know anything about this stuff and even I can tell it's too similar.

[+31, -4] Hybe's true colors. Bang Shi Hyuk didn't raise BTS, BTS did it themselves with Armies together~~ Bang Shi Hyuk's producing skills don't even live up to the dirt on Min Hee Jin's toenails. Pathetic how he has an example right in front of his face and still can't copy it properly.

[+23, -1] Bang Shi Hyuk's a mess. What's his plan here? Just throw everyone in the pits and die together?

[+21, -2] Bang Shi Hyuk completely lost this battle... he may be able to win with money but public perception of him is ice cold. He's gotta stop forcing his claims and start doing things right.