Experts weigh in on whether ILLIT is a New Jeans copy

Article: [Exclusive] Can ILLIT be considered a copy of New Jeans?... Experts say "severe infringement"

Source: Sports Kyunghyang via Nate

[+453, -22] Anyone can tell that they're a copy because even the regular eyes of the public can feel it, so imagine how much more obvious it is in the eyes of experts? New Jeans is unlike any other. You can try to copy them but you can never get it down right. So please stop copying them already.

[+265, -7] Remember that news about a tanghulu store opening right next to a tanghulu store and going bankrupt? 

[+200, -11] Even my dog is barking that they copied them

[+138, -7] If they had gone with a different concept to begin with, no one would even be accusing them of anything, but Hybe's the one that copied and are now stuck trying to fight claims the claims

[+133, -6] Replica Jeans

[+18, -1] It's over for ILLIT, probably best to just disband them before the kids get hurt any further

[+17, -0] Unless you're blind, I don't see how you don't think that they're copied. You can just look and see.

[+17, -2] ILLIT needs to be boycotted

[+16, -1] Hybe's crazy, they literally copied everything

[+13, -0] ILLIT definitely feels like Hybe's f*ck you to Min Hee Jin

[+11, -0] Their existence is just an imitation

[+11, -0] It's so obvious, it's hilarious that Hybe's denying it ㅋㅋ probably hurts ILLIT's self esteem so much, it's humiliating

[+11, -0] The people saying it's not "copied" have to feel embarrassed about themselves at night

[+11, -0] Copy-dol

[+6, -0] It's so stupid that Hybe even thought that New Jeans could be copied... Just look at how ILLIT's dressed ㅡㅡ;; like dressing 5 year olds in dresses and leggings that don't fit...