TEMPEST's Hwarang apologizes for admitting to going clubbing

Article: Idol member admits to clubbing... agency, "He is deeply reflecting, we'll make sure this does not happen again"

Source: OSEN via Nate

[+76, -6] How tiring... he's an adult and not even allowed to go clubbing. It's not like he was hanging otu with girls. So sick of idol fandom culture that treats idols like their possessions ㅜㅜ it's not like he'll ever date you;;;

- [+5, -1] I think this is why his agency responded the way they did, knowing that the public will be sympathetic with him and as a sort of message to fans to back off ㅋㅋ

- [+4, -1] This actually seems like media play to me, like getting him some headlines over nothing. Because why would his agency apologize over this?

[+36, -3] Going to the club is not a crime

[+20, -0] Who are you..?

[+9, -3] The MZ generation act like a bunch of old farts, they need to get more flexible

[+2, -0] Not even famous, no idea who he is

[+1, -0] No issue with a nameless idol going to the club. It was only an issue back during COVID when famous people were caught clubbing without social distancing.

[+1, -0] It's not like he's a minor, he's an adult... what's so wrong with clubbing...

[+0, -0] From the title, I thought he was a minor. What is the issue here? Is going clubbing something worth criticizing him over? 

[+0, -0] To be fair, if you want to be clubbing and do everything that everyone else does, you should not be a celebrity. There are some things that are off limits, otherwise why be a celebrity?

[+0, -0] Let idols have some fun!!! This is why all of the first generation idols cause scandals now that they're older.