Chinese media alleges UNIQ's Sungjoo might be a married father after spotting children's toys in background

Article: Boy group UNIQ's leader Sungjoo rumored to be a married father

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+305] To all of you who are like "why is this a problem?" I don't think you're understanding the point here... No one thinks it's an issue that he's married and has a kid, it's that he did it secretly away from the fans and is continuing to go around acting like he's single. Fans are asking that he at least own up to it like Chen and Bobby and publicly declare that you're married and having children, it's no good to hide and lie about being a married father like this...

- [+17] Well, those standards were set by stupid fangirls, so what choice does he have but to hide it? There's a long history of fangirls beating up their idols for falling out of line with their expectations. 

- [+10] ^ This is just the way idol culture is, it has nothing to do with "stupid fangirls." Have you ever seen a female idol try to get away with hiding a marriage and pregnancy? This is what you sign up for when you become an idol;; if you hate the rules, then go be a ballad singer or something. No one cares if ballad singers get married or pregnant.

[+194] Being married is not a problem at all. But if he intentionally hid it from his fans, then I can understand why they can feel upset.

[+155] So what's the issue here?

[+93] All the men here who are like "what's the issue?" let me put in terms you'll understand better. Imagine if your favorite female streamer who makes money off of pretending to be in a parasocial relationship with you to lure you into sending her donations and merch actually turned out to be a married woman + mother. I bet you you would 100% turn into a keyboard warrior. But of course, look at you sitting in here commenting about "stupid fangirls" and whatnot ㅋㅋㅋ

- [+2] For real ㅋㅋ

[+26] What's so wrong with him being married? Does it get in the way of your parasocial relationship with him? 

[+3] The only "issue" here is that he didn't tell his agency and his fans. He got married in secret in China and had a kid there, so of course fans are disappointed;;

[+11] Not like a married-dol is a big deal nowadays anyway

[+16] But who is UNIQ...

[+17] Are married men no longer allowed to be in 'boy' groups..