Taeyeon jets off to Tokyo Dome

Article: Taeyeon, lovely Taenggoo

Source: SpoTV News via Nate

[+60, -3] She's gotten too much done

[+40, -3] The change in her face has been incredible... she's going to end up like Park Bom later

[+23, -2] I don't even recognize her

[+12, -1] That is not Taeyeon

[+12, -1] You mean lovely Jo Kwon?

[+4, -0] She looks weirder the more work she gets done. She needs to stop.

[+4, -0] Lies! That's Lee Ji Hye.

[+4, -7] I think it's just a bad picture.

[+3, -18] She looks pretty

[+2, -1] She looks like that member from Cosmic Girls who's supposed to look like Taeyeon

[+0, -0] Her face looks meaner and meaner.. how unfortunate..