Super Junior's Kyuhyun injured from trespassing woman with a weapon in his musical dressing room

Article: Super Junior's Kyuhyun injured by trespassing woman with a knife in dressing room

Source: Everyday News via Naver

[+253, -6] That's crazy, give her the death penalty

[+67, -9] I hope he wasn't too injured ㅠㅠ what is going on with our country

[+49, -1] I hope it's not a big injury... please make sure the criminal is properly punished...

[+38, -5] And what was security doing?

[+5, -1] And this is why people need to stop giving celebrity bodyguards crap for excessive force. It's precisely because of situations like this.

[+3, -0] Hul

[+2, -0] Hul that's crazy;; famous people aren't even safe with bodyguards by their sides

[+2, -0] I sincerely hope the injury isn't too big

[+1, -0] What in the world.. ㅠㅠ I hope it's not a big injury ㅠㅠ


Source: Nate

[+65, -0] What was his security team doing ㅡㅡ apparently his hand got injured trying to block her stabs. Why was he even in that position when he should have a security team handling this in the first place?

[+30, -0] He already almost lost his life once.. I can't imagine how scary this must've been.. this is too much

[+20, -3] Life's getting harder and there are more and more people losing their mentals.. ㅡㅡ

[+9, -0] Release her identity no matter what

[+4, -0] The trauma he's going to get from this... especially with a job that is constantly exposing him to the public. 

[+3, -1] That crazy fool!! Kyuhyun must've been so shocked ㅠ I'm so upset for him ㅠ

[+1, -0] Was it a stalker..??