Keena attends the Billboard Music Awards

Article: Fifty Fifty's Keena attends Billboard Music Awards

Source: OSEN via Nate

[+123, -5] Keena's a smart girl

[+78, -2] Good decision by her~ life is all about having the wits to make these kinds of decisions~

[+42, -2] I wonder if the other members are regretting everything right now?

[+37, -3] The true winner. Let's get you a new group and back to promoting.

[+23, -4] Keena congratulations

[+7, -1] She looks even prettier too

[+6, -1] Wow.. crazy. I didn't know she was this pretty???

[+5, -0] She's going to do well. She's a great singer, pretty visuals... whoever put her in blonde pigtails needs to be fired~

[+4, -0] The black hair looks so good on her. The blonde really emphasized her angular face too much.

[+4, -0] I hope she doesn't get any work done on her jaw. She's so pretty.

[+2, -0] People grow by learning from their mistakes