[Spoilers!!! 'My Dearest' finale records high viewer ratings

Article: 'My Dearest' Nam Goong Min and Ahn Eun Jin's tearful reunion... love and viewer ratings, a happy ending for all

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[+72] How does Lee Jang Hyun never die..

[+72] I was going to go fight the writer if they didn't get together in the end 😂😂😂

[+44] I think the narrative would be the one thing I felt disappointed in. The series was originally meant to be 30 episodes long but was cut down to 20, which they only started filming for in last December. They were chased by a lack of time. I think the rushed one episode extension did more harm than good. We might've gotten a happy ending, but the ending only aroused more curiosity for the rest of the world, like why Ryangeum is a white-haired elder, Lee Jang Hyun who promised to come back, the stories of the rest of the characters, Jang Hyun and Gilchae's life as a couple. If the series had stuck with its original 30-episode plan, we'd be getting a part 3, which might've solved some of the curiosities we're feeling right now.

[+35] Such a well made series... but I do feel like they were playing a bit too much with Lee Jang Hyun's memory loss. He was getting his memories back so conveniently... 🤔

[+27] The memory loss at the end was... not necessary!

[+16] What I liked best about the series was that it was a glimpse into the lives of normal people during the Goryeo-Khitan War. Historical dramas these days have been feeling more like romcoms that happen to be wearing hanboks, but 'My Dearest' really pulled me out of the slump.

[+14] The ending felt a bit... forced (personally)

[+14] Why is Ryangeum white-haired?

[+13] I do feel a bit disappointed with the last episode but that doesn't mean everything leading up to it wasn't worth it. My heart broke and cheered for everyone the entire journey! Thank you for the happiness that five years of the hard work of the director, staff, and stars did to create this!

[+4] I would've loved a bit more lovey dovey scenes between them.. 

[+6] Best drama of the year, let's go for MBC daesangs! 

[+2] The best happy ending in a while 👏👏

[+1] He barely recognized the female main character in the end but suddenly remembered after a few words exchanged..