Girl's Day celebrate Sojin's wedding

Article: Hyeri tears up while congratulating Sojin and Lee Dong Ha 

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+209] They may have met as co-workers.. but it's so nice to see them as close as family, like sisters all this time.. ❤️

[+149] A friendship you can't even see in miss A, a group that debuted the same year as Girl's Day

[+7] Love seeing them so close ❤️

[+3] Everyone is so beautiful 😍

[+5] Meanwhile, Hyeri's going through her own break up 😢

[+4] Poor Hyeri, dumped as soon as she hit 30..

[+13] Girl's Day went through such a long period of being nobodies before hitting it big later on.. It's great to see them still close. 

[+4] All of Girl's Day are so pertty

[+1] Hyeri's such a great friend

[+1] What a great feeling to have a friend who would cry for you like this at your wedding