Keena unveils image transformation for Fifty Fifty's one year anniversary

Article: Completely changed Fifty Fifty

Source: Issue King TV via YouTube

[+484] Seriously, who's the one responsible for styling Keena as blonde all this time ㅋㅋㅋ

- [+52] You know who....

- [+11] The pigtails were weirder than the blonde

[+104] I'm glad Keena's mother put her on the right path. I hope Keena takes after her mother and continues making good decisions like this.

[+97] As shaky as their start has been, who knows if this group will later go on to do great things

[+78] The black hair and overlined lip make up have totally transformed her into a goddess, Keena fighting

[+71] The timing of life...

[+32] I think it'd be fun to turn her journey all this year into OTT content~

[+62] Keena looks amazing with black hair

[+40] Putting the funding of four members into one has totally transformed her

[+35] It really is their one year debut anniversary today ㅋㅋ

[+10] I'm liking Keena more and more, she's great

[+14] She looks so pretty and unique

[+18] So her coordi was her anti all along