Netflix's 'Believer 2' earns poor reviews

Article: Netflix's 'Believer 2' being hit with worst reviews "Didn't know it was this bad"

Source: Insight via Instagram

[+362] It's terrible, shouldn't have switched from Ryu Jun Yeol ㅎ

[+235] Seems like Han Hyo Joo has trouble transforming her acting into anything different from the usual 😮

[+243] Han Hyo Joo was a total miscast, Jin Seo Yeon was just way too impactful in 'Believer 1' for anyone to come close in comparison...

[+217] No continuation at all from the first part.. I'm baffled at how poorly this was produced overall

[+215] It felt like a chef cooking pollock stew with caviar

[+106] Sooo boring, Han Hyo Joo was not the best casting for this

[+175] I bet 90% of the bad reviews are because of Han Hyo Joo

[+98] Why are we seeing so much of Han Hyo Joo lately?? What is she paying these people to cast her for... 

[+38] Super disappointed... Han Hyo Joo did not fit in at all

[+42] Ryu Jun Yeol has an eye for these things~~ good on him for dropping out~~

[+58] I feel like it could've been average if Ryu Jun Yeol stuck around... 

[+86] I fell asleep watching, woke up and tried again, fell asleep again... time to give up, right?


Source: Naver

[+613, -52] Everything aside, Han Hyo Joo was the worst possible actress they could've cast for this role!!! Kim Hye Soo would've been much better~~~

[+503, -19] Han Hyo Joo's acting just fails to improve

[+363, -19] Why are people still casting Han Hyo Joo? She was already so bad in 'Cold Eyes' and even worse in 'Believer 2'

[+239, -2] Han Hyo Joo's image is already tainted with her scandal so to have an acting controversy on top of that just pisses me off as a viewer for having to watch her.