GD's drug test results come out negative

Article: National Forensic Service announces 'negative result' for G-Dragon's hair tested for drugs

Source: Wikitree via Instagram

[+184] So it's time to punish the person who named him, yes..? 

[+86] Hyung, please put out your album now ㅠㅠ love you 🔥🔥

[+11] Can we please let him go now? Why are we witch hunting a big star like him.. how much more are you all wanting to stomp on him? Let this be put to rest.

[+17] I don't get how the public has pushed him to this point... celebrities are not pieces of gum that you can just chew and spit out at your convenience. 

[+11] He could sue the country for wasting his time with all this

[+31] I noticed that all the news clips of him "behaving bizarrely" conveniently edited out all the parts where he's just walking normally and purposely sped up the parts wher ehe's stretching ㅋㅋ totally got all the trolls with that one!

[+8] Who could ever understand the emotional suffering he's been through these past months. To have to see news after news of people tearing down his image... He needs to sue everyone.

[+10] So much suffering for nothing...

[+22] - End of Controversy -

[+4] I hope he's compensated for the emotional suffering

[+8] Now comeback with a great new song~~~


Source: Naver + Naver

[+647, -23] So who needs to be held responsible for this? Right from the beginning, "innocent until guilty" was thrown out the window. Who is going to compensate him for the damage this has done to his image?

[+393, -10] The madame claimed that it hadn't even been a year since she thinks she last saw GD do drugs, so a hair test should be enough time to confirm that, which means it's game over since he tested negative. I wonder what evidence they're going to hunt for next to try and "prove" he's guilty? 

[+295, -82] I feel so sad that he was witch hunted like this

[+170, -6] This is so obviously a case where the police just listened to the madame and were like "oh yeah we got this"... totally the fault of unskilled police who investigated something without any other evidence. 

[+164, -6] So cruel of everyone who chose to hate on him before results were even out, who ridiculed him despite how cooperative he was being with everyone, volunteering himself for tests. This is no different than the Tablo witch hunt.

[+123, -4] It's time to let GD go. What more investigations can be continued off of this? The police have already overstepped by launching all of this just off the words of a madame, no evidence at all, constantly leaking things to the media... Everyone needs to just leave GD alone. 

[+74, -4] And will the police be held responsible when the rest of his tests come back negative? They've turned his image into a global druggie and yet not one person is stepping up to take claim for it.

[+88, -2] Enough with this witch hunt, it's embarrassing