Lee Sun Gyun's drug test using his leg hair also comes back negative

Article: [Exclusive] No drugs detected on Lee Sun Gyun's leg hair... investigations plagued with lack of physical evidence

Source: Korea Ilbo via Naver

[+1,834, -132] So basically, the drug test using his leg hair came back negative, but instead of just calling it negative, the police are beating around the bush like "lack of physical evidence" and distracting from the crux of the issue, which is that there is no evidence. Lee Sun Gyun has so far tested negative for both hair and leg hair, and the police have basically been basing this entire investigation off of the testimony of a parlor owner with a criminal history of six solo crimes. 

[+951, -63] With GD and now Lee Sun Gyun, where is the evidence that the police have been basing all of these allegations off of? They've submitted hair from their head, legs, everywhere on their body, and there's nothing...? Have the police been thinking that they could just stick their nose anywhere they want without any evidence at all? What are they going to ask for next? Hair from their a$$..? Did they not think about the damage all of this would do to their images in the mass media? What was their intention in blowing this all up so prematurely, to hide what?

[+891, -85] I think people are forgetting the fact that Lee Sun Gyun has already testified that he took something from the parlor owner, who then used that to blackmail him into getting money, and that he did not know that what he took from her was a drug.

[+355, -88] Look at the police acting like their investigations are going awry when they're the ones who opened all of this without any evidence to begin with. Celebrities are not your punching bags.

[+130, -4] Sounds like Lee Sun Gyun went to the police because the madame was like "What you did were drugs" and now his life is completely ruined over it. And it didn't turn out to be drugs at all. The police are being stubborn and trying to dig and dig until they find something, anything at all, and this is where we're at now. 

[+89, -3] It sounds more like Lee Sun Gyun was compliant with the blackmail because of his relationship with her, not necessarily because of any drugs being involved. And yeah, maybe she did give him something without him knowing...

[+71, -0] This is so funny ㅋㅋ he's tested negative for both head hair and leg hair, what more investigations are needed...? What can be more accurate than a drug test? He's innocent... He got taken advantage of at a parlor by the madame and dragged through the coals in the media over it ㅎㅎ

[+69, -2] The police need to give it up... His image as a celebrity is ruined as it is, he's tested negative, he's done all he could possibly do, there's nothing left...

[+65, -5] Why are GD's test results taking so long anyway? Seems like both GD and Lee Sun Gyun were used by the police ㅋ they should file a counter suit

[+44, -1] At least it's true that Lee Sun Gyun didn't even know what he was taking if he tested negative for everything. Seems like the madame fed him something fake just to blackmail him.

[+42, -5] Lee Sun Gyun played this so naively. He needed to have been proactive like Lee Byung Hun. Just sued immediately when the blackmail threat even hit his inbox.