Sulli's 'Persona' delves into the burdens of beauty

Article: The late Sulli's tearful confession... "I hated how pretty I am"

Source: Seoul Economy via Naver

[+1,197, -48] Some of you comments need to just let it go because it's clear from your comments why Sulli is gone now

[+494, -7] I've been thinking lately... that in order to overcome the obstacles of this harsh world, the love of a caring family is so important in your formative years.. It's their support that helps you realize that you can overcome all the difficulties of life.. though, yes, I'm aware that there are some who are just strong enough on their own, without that kind of support network..

[+333, -33] It just shows how important the role of your parents are in a life, especially the mother's role and her impact on your mental health

[+158, -10] I think there's an aspect of celebrity worship where we all silently pressure these people to be perfect, to have no flaws, to never disappoint us, which is why it may take years to bring together a fanbase, but overnight to lose it all. It seems like the kind of job where depression goes hand in hand with. Think about us regular people who feel hurt and lost when someone you know gets up and leaves you. There's also never an off button for celebrity life, and I imagine there's a lot of pressure and fear they must feel in having their truth being discovered and being hated for it.

[+100, -1] Just a depressing piece of news all around. I see some comments accusing her of being too full of herself, but we will never know the depths of her depression to have caused her own death.

[+90, -7] So unfortunate that she ended up with Choiza of all people and had to suffer all that s*xual harassment with that disgusting song, completely ending her young image right then and there. I've been seeing him on YouTube and TV shows, and he's married now, and I still see him as such a terrible person. I always felt uncomfortable with how he left Sulli to the wolves, like it was okay for everyone to rip on her when all she wanted was love. What a scary and lonely life it must've been.

[+73, -19] I've been seeing Choiza's CFs lately.. can't stand him. It might've been a passing relationship for him.. but she had to bear the brunt of the media's hate, of depression, of her own life. She's just a distant memory for him now and it's gross to see him still out on TV like nothing happened.

[+51, -12] Choiza messed up her life

[+39, -1] All the love she never got from her parents, she goutht it in her older boyfriend, old enough to be her own uncle, only to be left with his p*rversion, song lyrics bragging about sleeping with an idol, broadcast to the entire country. He never loved her. It was just his disgusting lust. If only she had met someone better, someone who could heal the hurt she felt from her dysfunctional family. It's sad to see so many young girls with bad parents end up with terrible luck with men in their life.

[+23, -1] I hope she's happy in heaven...

[+20, -0] If she could only have hung on for 10 more years, people would've forgotten about her and she could've lived a normal life... but she had no one around her to help