RM donates to restore Joseon princess gown

Article: Almost lost Joseon princess clothes forever... but brought back thanks to 'this singer'

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

[+132, -0] That's impressive, and it's obvious that this wasn't for some image-making stunt but because he truly cares about our country and our culture

[+52, -0] I'm an RM fan starting from today. He is who I'd call a respectable celebrity.

[+33, -1] He's a young man with a good head on his shoulders..

[+16, -0] He's so cool, I'll always call him RM hyung

[+11, -0] That's very cool. I always knew he had a good head on his shoulders but he's still always doing things that make us feel proud. He gives back all of the love his fans give him in ways like this. What a happy piece of news ^^

[+10, -0] No matter how rich you are, it's hard to spend it so wisely like this... I always have something to learn from him.

[+8, -0] When a good man comes into success, it's positive influence like this that spreads

[+6, -0] So thankful, I have so much respect for him

[+4, -0] Thank you for your love of art and culture and showing that to us like this

[+4, -0] The best form of positive influence. So proud that he's an artist of our country. All the best for BTS!

[+4, -0] He's just of another class...

[+3, -0] Such a rarity amongst young men these days. I hope that nothing but comfort and happiness await him.