Kim Hieora admits to stealing money from classmates but refutes that it was bullying

Article: Kim Hieora, "I admit that Big Sangji was stealing money, and I also rounded up a lot for them too" admits to engaging in bullying activities

Source: Segye Ilbo via Naver

[+2,768, -12] This is hilarious. It was especially fishy to me that as soon as her scandal hit the news, all of these random people claiming "iljins can be kind too" were climbing out of the woodworks to shield her. This type of media play (whether it was conducted by her agency or not) should be banned from the industry.

[+2,474, -18] Guys, we've all been to school... Sure, in bouts of puberty, I understand that we might've meddled in smoking or drinking or stepping out of the lines once in a while just to see if we can, but stealing money? Hitting weaker students? Swearing at them? Nah... that's too far. Those weren't things that everyone meddled in..

[+1,576, -18] So she's basically saying "I did steal money" but "they also stole money from me too" what the fresh hell is this? So she's basically admitting to stealing money from other students to give to her iljin group? Anyway, why isn't she kicked out of the industry yet? This is disgusting.

[+759, -8] So she stole money from other students which was then stolen from her by her iljin group. Does she think that somehow means stolen - stolen = zero? 

[+250, -1] So where's her fellow classmate now? The one that said the "worst" thing she's ever done was cut in the lunch line. I hope you realize that you guys are even worse than her. There is no such thing as a "kind iljin" in this world. Why are you getting in the way of justice being done??

[+193, -2] She's a unique enough actress that her career could've recovered from this if she had just admitted to all this from the start and apologized. Instead, she spent a week going back and forth over this, and it's only cemented her image as an iljin, and her image most likely won't recover from this.

[+160, -0] Does she not realize that the process of stealing money from classmates is considered school bullying? That's actually a crime....

[+154, -0] Why is she so pathetic? This is so clearly an act of school violence, how many more excuses is she going to give out? And especially the excuse of having a "unique" name so she chose to be a bully rather than let herself be bullied for it -- are you serious?

[+118, -0] Explain to me the logic of having to choose to be a bully because you didn't want to be bullied... does she think only bullies and the bullied exist in school? 


Source: Naver

[+1,146, -4] If stealing money from someone isn't considered violence, then what is?

[+397, -3] Stealing money from classmates is considered bullying, yes

[+296, -2] So when she was taking money from your classmates, does she want us to think that she was asking them all nicely like, "Hey, can you please give me some money?" This is the same type of excuse as someone saying they were drinking and driving but not drunk driving

[+80, -1] What does she consider school violence then if not this? Someone has to actually bleed?

[+75, -0] Using scare tactics and intimidating someone into giving you their money is violence, and running around in groups for the purpose of intimidating others makes you an iljin group

[+62, -0] I'm actually shocked at how shamelessly she's trying to claim that stealing money isn't considered violence

[+41, -0] She's actually crazy enough to claim that stealing isn't a crime..

[+32, -0] What are we expecting from someone who doesn't even have the frame of mind to consider stealing money as bullying? Why are we expecting her to reflect and feel guilty at all? She's ridiculous, and this is getting worse by the second...

[+31, -0] This one's a quote for the history books: "I took their money but I didn't use violence"

[+24, -0] Stealing is not violence? Are you dumb?