Hollywood: Elon Musk

Article: "Smart people should have more children" Musk donates sp*rm to female staff

Source: Korea Ilbo via Naver

[+439, -18] He is not normal

[+166, -5] His mental probably rivals Trump. How does he think he can glamorize having an affair like this?

[+187, -45] Does he think good genes are all it takes to raise a good child? Children depend on the love and attention from their parents, which is much more important than any "superior" gene.

[+73, -4] Why is he so disgusting?

[+29, -0] Pathetic that this random human being thinks he can overrule nature when he's going to be dead in 100 years' time like the rest of us

[+22, -0] Musk is a clear example that the smartest aren't always the greatest people

[+22, -0] He's going to create sociopathic children, that's what he's doing

[+24, 3-] That's scary... what makes his logic any different from the Nazis? They didn't allow the disabled from reproducing..

[+19, -2] He's a good example that shows that smart people don't always do smart things

[+18, -1] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He claims to be smart but his brain is nothing but an empty tin can. A child can only flourish in life under the love of a parent.

[+15, -0] He's probably the most dangerous man on earth

[+19, -6] What will having more children with your sp*rm produce other than more people with mental illnesses???..... I'd rather less smarter people reproduce better human beings than more of your character......

[+11, -1] I don't care about producing more "smart" people, we need more "kind" people in the world

[+7, -0] Psychos like him are such a cancer to society