Netflix unveils trailer for 'The Glory' part two

Video: 'The Glory' Special video

Source: Netflix Korea via YouTube

1. [+3,700] Wow, I remember Kim Eun Sook writer saying that she's really good at writing letters... and as a viewer, I agree

2. [+3,000] This letter style of narration is so easy to focus on.. I really think it's one of the best points of the drama

3. [+1,700] Every single line gives me goosebumps all over ㅠㅠㅠ please hurry up with season two

4. [+3,900] Please, season two, hurry up... I want to see the bullies get desperately ruined

5. [+2,200] "Don't laugh like that" at 1:16... Song Hye Gyo is Moon Dongeun herself, her desperation breaks my heart

6. [+913] I started watching to see what the fuss was all about and ended up binging all of the episodes... a drama with incredible storytelling...

7. [+619] Every single line in 'The Glory' is worth remembering... there's great joy in replaying the scenes and mulling over the words ㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+210] What an amazing drama. Really makes me proud of the quality our country has been producing lately.. there's a reason we're winning awards left and right at ceremonies around the world. You can tell that every actor in this drama has been honing their craft for this moment. A round of applause.

9. [+649] Kim Eun Sook has created a revenge story unlike any out there ㅠㅠㅠ every single line, every scene is one worth remembering.. looking forward to part two

10. [+864] A drama that makes all of the Yeonjins nationwide reflect back upon lives

11. [+225] I had my doubts if it could top the first season but I really think it will... I'm so excited...

12. [+374] I hope it won't be a quick ending where the bullies are dealt with a swift death... but rather something desperate, torturous... an ending that truly deserve.