Park Joo Ho's wife Anna reveals she is battling cancer

Article: Park Joo Ho's wife and mother to 'Jjin-gun-navely' Anna revealed to be fighting cancer

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+586] A mother can win this!

2. [+280] I hope you get through your treatments and get healthy again

3. [+278] Anna, find strength. I also went through the same thing.

4. [+141] Anna, find strength ❤️ I finished my chemo treatments last year and am doing fine now. Think of your sweet children and eat even if you don't have the appetite, that's how you get through these treatments... eating is always the priority. Eat up and do well through your treatments.

5. [+140] Mothers are strong~~ you can beat this!!!  ♡

6. [+91] Anna-nim, praying for your recovery.. 🙏

7. [+50] Think of your three children, you can find strength and get through this. Eat foods that you can keep down because you need to eat to handle the treatments. Anna and Pajuo family, fighting!

8. [+43] Anna-ssi, you will beat this for sure~

9. [+43] I feel affection for Anna-ssi because I went through something similar at her age. I remember not feeling as afraid maybe because I was young or ignorant but I got through it just fine and I'll pray for your quick recovery for the sake of Naeun, Gunhoo, and Jinwoo. We love Jjingunnavely.

10. [+16] Mothers can beat anything! Especially... the mom of three  ❣️