Kim Eana opens up about missing the late Kim Jonghyun this time of year

Article: Kim Eana writes in memorial of Jonghyun as a SHINee fan "This is around the time that I randomly miss Jonghyun the most"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+197] I always knew of SHINee and Jonghyun but never considered myself a fan. However, whenever I listened to their songs, he was someone who always made me think "now that's a real singer". Whenever their songs come up on my algorithm lately, I feel such regret. Jonghyun the singer...

2. [+144] I never knew it'd be so sad that I would continue growing up as you remained the same

3. [+124] A singer I adore!!! I miss him so... ㅠㅠ

4. [+57] A state of vacuum... that is such a perfect expression of how this feels. It always feels so scary to think that he might be forgotten.

5. [+36] His singing was unmatched. I miss him 🙏

6. [+28] I do my best to live on. I miss you and go on in life doing just fine until the cold starts to settle in and the tip of my nose feels icy, that's when I start missing you without end

7. [+16] It's winter soon. Jonghyun-ah, please help us keep warm for another winter.

8. [+13] So many stars we've lost to the sky. If they weren't stars at all, would they still be among us today? Would they be around us as a college student, a part-time worker at a bakery, a teacher, a business owner...

9. [+2] Time has stopped for him since he's passed. Looking up his pictures again, he's still as handsome and shines as brightly as ever. I should go listen to his songs again.

10. [+2] He's a singer I think of more often as winter comes and the weather gets colder

11. [+11] You cannot leave out 'Hyeya' when discussing Jonghyun. Listening to that song makes me feel like I can see him again.

12. [+2] Jonghyun's the first singer I think of when winter sets in..