College entrance test taker receives flak for showing up to exam with spiked mohawk

Article: Test taker with 'spiked mohawk hair' shows up at college entrance exam... "It's my usual hairstyle, it'd be a crime if I bothered anyone with it"

Source: News 1 via Nate

1. [+3,255, -122] Honestly, you're exaggerating if you claim that you bombed your test because of his hair

2. [+2,389, -85] I'll admit that it would probably bother me but I don't think I'd say anything about it to him

3. [+2,312, -140] There's nothing wrong with his hair, people need to stop overreacting

4. [+132, -9] I bet the people who had issue with it are just looking for someone to blame for bombing for their test ㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+130, -13] Well, did he break a law? Or was he reprimanded for something that he didn't comply with? If hair can be considered a problem now, what's stopping anyone from bombing their test and saying they were distracted by someone's hair?

6. [+99, -0] You know what bothers me more? Kids who shake their legs or click their pens..

7. [+80, -6] What does his hair have anything to do with the exam?

8. [+80, -12] Something bothers me about this kid because it feels like he's trying to drum up noise marketing to either become a celebrity or get on some YouTube channel

9. [+78, -18] Wait, students can go to school with hair like this now?
- He's a repeat exam taker, which makes him an adult

10. [+51, -0] He's right, though.. kids who click their pens or shake their legs are more distracting than a hair style..

11. [+48, -0] If your focus is so weak that someone's hair style can ruin an exam for you, I don't think you were ever meant to make it in this world anyway. Your mental is so weak. I'm sure most looked at his hair and thought "cool..., he's an attention seeker" and moved on.

12. [+38, -0] Yes, he does stand out, but if his hair truly bothered you, you should've said something to the proctor about it


Source: Naver

1. [+1,569, -147] No point in taking the exam if something like someone's hairstyle is enough to make you lose focus ㅋㅋㅋ It's always the ones who bomb the exam who get all sensitive about people clicking their pens, shaking their legs, or flipping pages

2. [+935, -120] It must've taken him at least two hours to get his hair styled like this. What kind of test taker has that kind of time the morning of such an important exam?? Feels like he was just trying to bait attention on himself so that he can get famous... I feel bad for the students who had to take the exam at his test site. How can you focus with something like that right in front of your eyes?

3. [+387, -31] Whether he's an attention seeker or not is another issue. His hair shouldn't have impacted anyone's exam. Don't blame others for your lack of preparation.

4. [+334, -10] Honestly, once the test papers land on your desk, you're too busy focusing on that to even look up at someone's hairstyle. It's always the pen clicking that bothers me.

5. [+220, -19] It's fine that he's unique and all but this crosses the line. I feel like he did this for attention seeking reasons. 

6. [+45, -0] I wonder what score he got on the exam ㅋ

7. [+44, -1] Having consideration for others is not a law but something you should do out of common sense..

8. [+42, -0] I'm sure it was distracting for whoever had to sit behind him

9. [+38, -1] Surely everyone just looked at him once like "cool"... what fool would've stared at it all exam long and risk bombing their exam? You won't make it far in the real world like that~

10. [+30, -3] It's not like he stabbed someone with his hair. Anyone who is blaming him for bombing their exam would've blamed anyone or anything else the same.