Dispatch reveals Lee Seung Gi did not receive a cent for his digital music in 18 years

 Article: 18 years of dispute with agency... "singer Lee Seung Gi received 0 won in digital music income"

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+781, -34] Hul. Lee Seung Gi must be really kind to put up with this... He really believed it when people were joking that he was a 'minus singer'. I remember hearing his music all over the streets back then!!!

2. [+420, -8] Lee Seung Gi in the reds as a singer... If Hook is standing by their claims, then they need to back it up. I can't believe the entertainment industry is full of these scammers.

3. [+370, -5] He's so famous and still has to deal with crap like this, I can't imagine how much worse it is for no-name singers. So many problems with these entertainment companies.

4. [+260, -5] Dispatch's article has the numbers in full detail... Seung Gi-ya, you need to look for a new agency... and perhaps learn how to read people better 🥲😭 I don't know how he put up with not getting paid for his digital sales all this time.. ㅠㅠ a minus singer.. especially when his songs have always been at the top of karaoke charts since his debut..

5. [+137, -7] Lee Seung Gi, a minus singer? Karaoke owners would laugh in your face.

6. [+110, -0] He debuted #1 on the charts... which was especially difficult back then as a male solo balladist. He stayed at the top and continued to have hit songs on the popular charts year after year... how does it make sense that he wasn't paid a cent for it?

7. [+80, -4] You know what the facts are??? Hook Entertainment's CEO is Lee Sun Hee's former manager... and Lee Sun Hee is the one who debuted Lee Seung Gi... I have my doubts that Lee Sun Hee was not aware that this was all going on... and suddenly she seems so scary to me.

8. [+47, -1] Shake Hook for all that they're worth and get Lee Seung Gi what he's owed. Companies that operate by thugs need to be taken down for good.

9. [+44, -2] He has so many great songs.. I always wondered why he doesn't promote more as a singer. I guess I wouldn't want to work either if I was told that I'm a 'minus singer'. Sigh, how do you undo the damage that has been done to his identity as a singer for 18 years.

10. [+34, -1] The CEO needs to cough up the money and go to jail


Article: Despite not being paid, Lee Seung Gi cried tears of gratitude for his CEO at award speeches

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+354] I remember on an old episode of 'Knowing Bros', Lee Seung Gi said that he didn't know how much he was paid for his work and Lee Sang Min blew up at him for lying but.. that was true in the end;; I don't know how he held back for 18 years, he must be really kind..

2. [+172] If it was this bad for Lee Seung Gi.. how much worse for other singers? I remember when I joined my first company, I truly believed that what they were saying was the law of the land... but when I left and saw the real world, they were scummy liars..

3. [+159] Lee Seung Gi hyung's true image has been revealed. 18 years of trust. Gratitude towards those who raised him. His belief in them. He did nothing wrong. There's nothing wrong with a high schooler trusting the people who are debuting him.

4. [+120] The payment and all that is an issue but I don't think you can quantify the amount of emotional suffering he's gone through all these years. Companies who don't pay you on time are so terrible.

5. [+70] So much controversy with this company ㅡㅡ Lee Seung Gi, how did you hold it in this whole time?


Article: Lee Seung Gi has released 137 songs in 18 years but was paid '0 cents' for it

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+323] 0 cents? "Because You're My Woman" could've bought him a whole house with how popular it was

2. [+327] Amazing how he held it in for 18 years at all...

3. [+118] His song 'Delete' is still in the top 100 at karaoke rooms... If you're going to use someone's labor, you better pay them for it

4. [+143] This company needs to be thoroughly investigated. I bet you that Lee Seung Gi isn't their only victim.

5. [+30] The audacity of them to claim that he's a 'minus singer'

6. [+71] This agency is insane

7. [+38] I can't believe companies like this exist in this age... Lee Seung Gi has been a top performer from acting to singing to varieties, top after top after top. If they had to accurately pay him for all of his work, I suppose the company would have to go bankrupt. 

8. [+24] This is so bad, I don't get how they can claim he made 0 cents