The appearance of ajusshis at New Jeans' first fan signing draws ire from netizens

Video: First fan signing event for New Jeans, serious situation

Source: Sojang via YouTube

1. [+591] Ah, it's so cute and innocent that she practiced for the fan signing with a teddy bear ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ but I can't imagine how shocking it must've been to see these dogjusshis in real life... 😢

2. [+240] ㅠㅠ Protect New Jeans at all costs

3. [+273] If you truly consider yourself a fan, shouldn't you be more considerate of the group, to want them to protect their mental for a long career... You can't help your age but you can diet or dress better to show your respect for them... though it'd be much better if you just didn't go at all

4. [+682] Being a fan and supporting them is fine but please don't actually go to these fan signings because they're still babies and you're going to shock them ㅠ

5. [+143] The way these fan signing tickets are given out is the issue. You should only be able to enter the lotto one album per person but allowing as many chances as albums you buy makes it easier for the older fans with more money to get in, and obviously people like this man are going to spend every cent they have to get in..

6. [+175] Those poor babies. Imagine how excited they must've been to finally meet their fans only to be met with these ajusshis... I'm sure they felt shocked and that making money is no child's play anymore...

7. [+178] There's nothing wrong with older female fans because they usually regard their groups with a motherly affection. The problem with male fans is that they are delusional enough to think they're in a relationship with them. The person that had their picture taken at the fan signing was found to have been a part of a New Jeans community that regularly comments s*xual harassment and also hangs out on boards that writes nasty things about Hyein, who's only in junior high school. It's disgusting.

8. [+186] I'm just glad that New Jeans has more female fans than male... I feel so bad for groups like IZ*ONE, Twice, and Lovelyz who have to deal with more male heavy fandoms ㅠㅠ

9. [+129] Please protect our kids...

10. [+145] Yes, there's nothing wrong with a man supporting New Jeans but you have to admit there's mentally something wrong for a man to be spending thousands just to see a girl who's a minor. Do you think people like that are able to proudly say what they do without being judged by society?

11. [+20] And this is why I find titles like 'nation's little sister' or 'uncle fans' so problematic and disgusting... it's glamorizing what's actually perverted. You can tell just by the faces that these men make when they see idols who are old enough to be their daughter that there's nothing innocent about their feelings for these idols.

12. [+76] This is honestly just gross;;;

13. [+99] For a man in his thirties to be following a teen idol around and spending money like this is, yes, a mental illness

14. [+127] It makes me sick to think of these sweaty old men waiting in the crowd, feeling all excited about getting to meet babies

15. [+71] Imagine practicing for your fan meet with a teddy bear... only to see these otakus in the end...

16. [+57] The smell of his sweat is permeating through my computer screen... ugh

17. [+25] Shouldn't these fans be free to do what they want? As long as these men are buying albums and listening to their music, maybe they're just attending these fan meets truly as a fan... it's better to have these fans than no fans at all, no? As long as there's no harassment involved...
- [+45] The ajusshi at 1:08 is a member of a message board that has s*xual harassment comments about a 13 year old member

18. [+28] I'm about to throw up...