Actor Jo Han Sun spotted volunteering for flood relief efforts

Article: Actor Jo Han Sun spotted "working all day" at flood site as volunteer effort

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

1. [+2,212, -22] I worked alongside him there. He left such a deep impression on me after I saw him keep a smile on his face even though he looked exhausted to the point of passing out. I hope that his next work hits daebak.

2. [+997, -11] It's not only his looks that are amazing.. but his quiet act of good deeds!

3. [+416, -15] Jo Han Sun-ssi, good work! 

4. [+208, -3] Amazing of Han Sun hyung! I hope to see you more in dramas and movies, fighting!

5. [+66, -0] I'm a local of the site he helped. He's a great neighbor and such a great person. I'm so thankful for his efforts. I hope that we all overcome this together and that his next piece of work is successful.

6. [+50, -0] Actors like him need to be more successful but we, unfortunately, live in a world where only trash enjoy the spotlight.. how disgusting. 

7. [+46, -2] I think that his kind act will spread throughout our society as a piece of positive influence. These pictures where he's covered in mud and deep in the flooded basements will hopefully encourage all of us to overcome this together and become stronger as a society. Thank you!

8. [+37, -0] He's an actor of such great character. I remember he suffered a lot from unfounded school bullying rumors. I wish him success!

9. [+20, -1] He's an actor I've been hoping to see on screen for a long time, why isn't he in more work???? Why?

10. [+18, -1] Even if you think these pictures are staged, shouldn't his work still be deserving of praise? 

11. [+9, -0] This is probably harder work than just donating money. Donating money's great and all but how many are actually willing to get dirty like this?

12. [+7, -0] This is what a public figure is meant to be about... the fact that both celebrities and politicians are public figures and yet it's the politicians going around acting and this celebrity here is doing the dirty work, what a funny world we live in

13. [+6, -1] Handsome face, handsome heart, thumbs up to him