SNSD's music video accused of plagiarizing emblem

Article: Emblen in SNSD's music video is under plagiarism accusations in Japan

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+167] It honestly looks too similar..

2. [+147] As a fan, I just want SM to put out an official statement. It's fine if there were prior negotiations regarding the use but if not, something needs to be said. I do find it funny that this is considered controversial over there when so many Japanese idols have copied Korean music videos and let it get swept under the rug quietly.

3. [+57] Looks like it was copied and pasted

4. [+97] That does look really similar...

5. [+2] It's actually not that controversial in Japan...

6. [+2] This is really embarrassing..

7. [+8] Undeniable

8. [+28] It's practically like they traced it line for line

9. [+51] They need to admit this was copied


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