SM tried to cast Rookies' Eunsuk four times before succeeding

Article: SM tried to street cast Rookies' Eunsuk four times

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+610] As long as he's not joining NCT, it's fine. Please find success in another direction~!!! Fighting~

2. [+442] Just make sure you debut in another amazing group instead of NCT..!! Please, please, please, please...

3. [+205] Sigh... surely you're not joining NCT, right..?

4. [+180] Please, just not NCT..

5. [+286] As long as he's not joining NCT. I know people who aren't in the fandom are probably wondering why we're being like this but we fans are angry because SM isn't even taking care of the members that we already have while continuously adding more and more. Sungchan and Taro joined in 2020 which makes them two years into their debut but they've barely had more than a month of promos all combined. That's why we're so against new members.

6. [+29] As long as he's not NCT

7. [+18] He wants to be an actor so Lee Soo Man better not stick him in NCT for no reason..

8. [+17] I will support anything he does as long as it's not NCT

9. [+10] Please, as long as it's not our NCT.. please, I'll pray with both my hands and feet...

10. [+10] He's pretty handsome in his graduation photo. Not sure why people are being like this to him. So mean to someone who hasn't even debuted yet, no..?