Netflix drama 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' catches the hearts of new viewers

Article: "An autistic lawyer stands in court" who knew 'this woman' would have such a heartwarming impact

Source: Herald Economy via Naver

1. [+1,096, -12] I caught a rerun and it was so funny that I'm now waiting to catch watch it live

2. [+943, -6] Park Eun Bin is really good at acting...

3. [+472, -7] If this drama was on a public broadcast channel, it would easily hit 20% viewer ratings...

4. [+390, -8] I came upon it by chance and the female lead character is so loving but also heartwarming at times too. It's such a fun drama to watch and rewatch, and everyone's acting is top tier~

5. [+206, -14] Eun Bin-nim~ I know people will either love or hate this drama but please understand that there are definitely more people who love it, fighting!!!!!

6. [+99, -14] Park Eun Bin's acting is wow... perfect diction, detailed acting. I was not fond of the same-sex storyline in episode two, however.

7. [+78, -2] I'm watching on Netflix!! I watch anything Park Eun Bin is in.. there's no other actress with her level of filmography. She's someone I know I can trust to watch and enjoy whatever she's in.

8. [+72, -1] This is Park Eun Bin's best character yet ㅜㅜ this drama is only possible because she's the one acting it

9. [+65, -0] Finally a really well made drama.. I can't wait for new episodes weekly

10. [+55, -3] I'm not that into legal dramas but 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' is so fun that I've been watching it two, even three times now. The acting is amazing and puts me in awe because it just seems to flow easily like water. She was born for this, or is this the result of all her hard work? Everyone else around her is great as well. I like that the storyline isn't childish and I have a feeling that this drama will be daebak for sure.

11. [+35, -1] This drama makes me tear up... I don't know if it's because I'm touched or I feel so much affection for her cuteness... either way, Park Eun Bin is a great actress.

12. [+33, -1] I always knew Park Eun Bin was great but she seriously makes me wait with anticipation for the next episode. The drama is fun to rewatch over and over again because of her acting.

13. [+33, -0] Dramas and movies only ever depict people with autism as prodigies or geniuses, which is probably a reflection of our own society that only allows them to fit in with us if they're a genius. But in reality, prodigal autism is rare. Why can't the media show people with autism as they just are... because most of this stuff is just a fantasy.

14. [+28, -0] I'm enjoying this so much! It's such a heartwarming drama with great lines. Park Eun Bin's acting is absolutely perfect that she makes autism feel like something so loving. I support her~~

15. [+26, -0] I don't really like dramas of this genre but this is so funny, 'Extraordinaryt Attorney Woo' is adorable ㅋㅋㅋㅋ