Jang Moon Bok tears up while recounting the hate he and his family got when he debuted

Article: Jang Moon Bok sobs while explaining why he regrets competing on 'Superstar K'... "Haters went after my mother before she died, all because of me"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+633] Moon Bok is such a good person, someone who I consider one of the most loyal and kindest person I know. Anyone who dares to hurt not only him but his own family deserves to suffer.

2. [+406] It was wrong of haters to cross the line and mess with his family

3. [+246] I randomly met him the first day of his debut and gave him a sponsored pair of sunglasses. Ever since then, any time he came back to Hongdae, he'd visit me with coffee and say thank you. Moon Bok-ssi is so kind and I hope he finds strength and hits daebak.

4. [+183] I supported him hoping that he would only walk down a 'check-gil' road, but messing with his family was so wrong...

5. [+209] I really don't understand how someone can do this to someone. To go as far as to find out his phone number... I don't even want to know what goes on in the mind of someone like this. I hope they know karma will get them.

6. [+13] This is so sad. It's always because of the people who live their lives thoughtlessly that the people who live thoughtful lives have to suffer.

7. [+11] I thought the thumbnail was Seolhyun at first ㅋㅋ

8. [+10] Calling family is just crossing the line

9. [+50] To all the haters who went as far as calling his family, I hope that your family and all your descendants suffer from cancer and live long, suffering lives.

10. [+4] He worked hard to achieve his dreams... not to be laughed at by haters. I hope that Moon Bok achieves happiness greater than any pain that was inflicted upon him!

11. [+13] Being a celebrity is no easy job but that doesn't mean people should just be allowed to dig into his private life like that. There is no job in the world where anyone would want to be hated on "as a part of the job".

12. [+18] How big of a piece of trash do you have to be to call someone's family up just to hate on them?

13. [+1] I remember he used to get a lot of hate for having long hair as a man when he first debuted. People just refuse to acknowledge that people can different.