Rumors swirl of Loona's Chuu moving agencies

Article: Loona's Chuu is moving agencies?

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+151] Jiwoo asked us not to worry so it upsets me that news like this is coming out around comeback time... why is this happening. Is her agency pressuring her to get in line now that it's time for promos? Jiwoo's facial expression looked dark when talking about the tour during their showcase. I just want the members and their fans to all be happy.

2. [+87] Even if she moves agencies, can't she still promote with the group? Like how Got7 is all under different agencies but they still managed a comeback together.

3. [+88] I don't doubt Chuu wanting to leave. She's always the only one with individual schedules who's losing sleep, has no time to eat, doesn't even get paid on time, while the other members are out causing scandals by getting tattoos without the agency's permission or lounging around at home watching Netflix and eating snacks all night ㅋㅋ

4. [+51] I hope Loona as a whole can find a new agency... Blockberry probably makes it into the top 3 of the worst agencies in the industry

5. [+5] Uh, is this official news though?????

6. [+2] ㅋㅋㅋ Nothing's official yet so please don't get everyone riled up like this

7. [+1] Chuu's the one that got this group anywhere... and this is how they're treating her

8. [+1] Hul, a new agency like Lee Mijoo???

9. It's the silent rule of the industry that your group has no chance if you don't make it within the first three years. Pristin and Gugudan were wise to call it quits. DIA got shelfed after three years too.