Netizens find out BTS hiatus announcement was filmed three weeks before release and subsequent drop in Hybe stock

Article: BTS' tearful announcement was filmed three weeks ago... is Hybe responsible for the 'drop in stock'?

Source: Money Today via Naver

1. [+699, -29] So they all must've sold their shares prior to the announcement

2. [+215, -7] There needs to be an investigation done to see if any insiders sold their Hybe stocks after this was filmed

3. [+198, -74] Bunch of scammers... Hybe and the members are all responsible

4. [+82, -13] Didn't people know this was going to happen when they bought Hybe stocks? BTS' popularity wasn't going to last forever, and did you all really think a group to replace them would happen so easily? Profiting from stocks is your responsibility, but so is the loss.

5. [+66, -12] BTS deserves to take a break and get some air. They're one of the rare idols in a while with both work ethic and class. They deserve to get some rest, grow, and come back stronger than ever. Serve in the army, take some classes, go on dates, enjoy some hobbies. Sure, investors will have to absorb some damage, but investing is only as profitable as you make it. You can't blame others for your losses. The article clearly states they'll still be doing individual activities, and I'm sure stocks will go up accordingly. None of these claims about having filmed it three weeks is considered illegal or a stock scam. Investors knew the gamble going into this and it's ridiculous that they're crying about it now.

6. [+55, -12] Let's get one thing straight. BTS has been communicating with their fans the same way this whole time. It was the media who started spinning stories about them disbanding and causing the stocks to tumble. Once news of the tax investigations came out, the media jumped on that too and caused a scare that had nothing to do with BTS nut everything to do with a government bent on getting their revenge. 

7. [+42, -7] It's the responsibility of the investor to research what they're going into. They knew that the members were due for enlistment soon, which means they wouldn't be able to promote as a group for a while as it is... how could you not have factored that into your purchase??? It's not like this all came out of the blue....

8. [+33, -0] Honestly, anyone who's a little aware of BTS or Hybe would've known better than to buy Hybe stocks considering the way all the scenarios are pointing. If BTS doesn't enlist, they will get more antis, and if they do enlist, they will return past their prime. Either way, the road ends for them soon. And if you look at their junior groups, none of them are as charming or show as much potential as BTS so you won't be able to suck as much of a profit out of them as BTS. As a company, Hybe doesn't really have much of a product right now, and their cash cow is expiring. Their stock was bound to drop, it was just a matter of today or tomorrow.

9. [+56, -25] Not sure why Hybe is being asked to take responsibility for the stocks dropping. That's on the investors to figure out.

10. [+29, -0] One of the many reasons why Hybe is trash..

11. [+29, -5] They made a joke out of their stocks... They knew all this for weeks and left the rest of their investors out to die. Do they have even an ounce of consideration for all of the fans who bought their stocks for their sake?

12. [+28, -4] People are being blind to reason right now because they're losing their own money but the stock market was never a safe place to begin with. You knew what the risks were when you chose to invest in their stocks and it's unfair for you to be sitting in the comments accusing them of insider trading because you lost your money. It's pathetic and funny. BTS themselves never said that they were disbanding or halting promos so what's with all this fuss??

13. [+20, -0] They probably sold all their stocks before announcing this ㅋㅋ

14. [+21, -2] I don't get why people expect BTS to not even be able to speak their mind because of the stock prices. You all knew when you bought their stocks that they were eventually going to enlist, no?

15. [+18, -1] Anyone who watched them film this would've known that Hybe stocks would plummet the minute the video was released, so how many of them sold their stocks through different names until the release? There needs to be an investigation done.