TV: [Spoilers!!!] 'Our Blues' concludes at 11.2% viewer ratings

Article: 'Our Blues' Shin Min Ah x Lee Byung Hun's ending achieves 11.2% viewer ratings

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+176] The high school episode was the best one

2. [+103] Just my personal opinion but I was perplexed as to why Lee Byung Hun went in for a sudden kiss in that situation... ㅠ even if Shin Min Ah liked him back, the kiss was a bit... a bit of an offensive moment if you look at it through the lens of real life. I felt that it would've been better if they left it at a hug?

3. [+77] I kept watching hoping to see a continuation of Youngjoo and Hyun's story but the rest of it was really hard to relate to and I found myself losing focus... 😢

4. [+68] Really loved Inkwon and Hoshik.. 😢😢❤️

5. [+58] I'm finding 'My Liberation Notes' to be more enjoyable these days

6. [+25] I think the viewer ratings only went up because everyone thought Inkwon and Hoshik's episode would be continued so people kept watching ㅠ😂

7. [+12] I normally love this genre but I didn't feel quite pulled into this drama~ 

8. [+29] Lee Byung Hun's acting skills are seriously unrivaled

9. [+7] Shin Min Ah and Lee Byung Hun's scenes were the most boring.. and kept getting boring as the drama went on~ The high school episode and the beginning were the most fun to watch

10. [+4] It was a tad boring

11. [+7] It wasn't like.. super fun or anything.. it got hype for the leads

12. [+5] It's a type of drama I'm normally into but I just didn't feel it