BPM Entertainment denies signing on former (G)I-dle member Soojin

Article: Big Planet Made, "Rumors of an exclusive contract with Soojin are unfounded, we never even met"

Source: Idol Issue via Instagram

1. [+228] ㅋㅋ If Kim Garam is allowed to promote, then why shouldn't Soojin be ㅋㅋ

2. [+141] YTN's a mess for releasing news like that without fact checking..

3. [+105] There's no agency that can defend her. She chose to delete what she did, she should take responsibility for that ㅋㅋ

4. [+236] Seriously though, what's up with Kim Garam... To be fair, Soojin's case was never explicitly proven to be school bullying. Anyone who's had a bit of interest in this case will know that there are so many "evidences" that were framed and tons of suspicious questions that never got answered. To make matters worse, Seo Shin Ae also changed her stance later on and said that she wasn't even sure if Soojin was among the group that bullied her, but of course no one cared for the truth at that point. Soojin chose to leave the group voluntarily so as to not negatively affect the group further. I'm just shocked that a person's life was exiled so quickly over rumors that not everyone is sure are even true..

5. [+8] If only she had admitted to the rumors and apologized for them from the start...

6. [+164] I always thought it was rightfully so that Soojin had to pay the price for her crime no matter how talented she is as a celebrity so I don't understand what's going on with Kim Garam. So it's okay what she did just because she didn't bully anyone? I'm just amazed that Soojin was so willing to go back to being a non-celebrity after all of this.

7. [+1] Ugh, just kick out Kim Garam already f*ck

8. [+11] So why is Kim Garam allowed but not Soojin dammit

9. You all should look up HHJ from Stray Kids too. After his scandal, he took a short break but now fans are totally coddling him