Netizens angry over incel boasting about stealing subway seat from pregnant woman

Article: Man posts proudly about taking a seat for pregnant women on the subway

Source: Money Today News via Instagram

1. [+143] This is someone who has never once been offered anything considerate by anyone in their life.. and I feel no need to leave a hate comment for them because their life already seems to be in hell

2. [+120] Guys like him are always the first to run and cry if any bulky man came up to them and told them to f*ck off

3. [+82] I remember when I was full term, I was moving too slowly to get off the bus in time ㅜㅜ and the bus started before I had even gotten off but someone kindly grabbed hold of me.. I can't even think of what would've happened to my baby if I had just fallen..

4. [+80] If he's so proud of himself, perhaps he should post his face and his full name next time too..

5. [+60] His parents are at fault for this. Should've known to beat the crap out of him. 

6. [+13] Men who act like this are basically denying their very own existence. Whose body does he think he was born out of?

7. [+16] If you're able-bodied, would it kill you to just stand for one ride?

8. [+12] Sigh, his parents failed to educate him, tsk tsk

9. [+4] There are so many people walking amongst us in society who don't know what psychopaths they are..

10. [+1] How dare you do something like this with a pregnant woman right in front of you? If this man ever gets married, I feel so sorry for his future wife.. can you imagine finding out that your husband has a past like this?

11. [+1] Our people are known to be so considerate and yet people like him ruin it for us...

12. [+7] The bigger problem is that there are more guys like this than we'd like to believe


Source: Naver

1. [+2,880, -20] You were once born out of your mother's womb too...

2. [+894, -31] Pathetic coward. What a waste of the years he's accumulating. Has he even served in the army yet?

3. [+752, -7] Wow~ guys like this exist? Ridiculous. He's worth less than our family dog.

4. [+650, -48] Reveal his identity

5. [+209, -3] Choosing to share your seat is voluntary but there's no need to be swearing at a pregnant woman who has done nothing to you. The fact that he thinks this is something to boast about is so pathetic.

6. [+190, -1] Just look at how thin his legs are, ugh he's an anchovy

7. [+185, -1] Sure, you don't have to offer her your seat, but why are you swearing at her? What did she do to deserve being sworn at by a piece of trash like you???

8. [+185, -2] Are men going as far as to do this to pregnant women now? This is a mental illness.

9. [+160, -1] Go brag about this to your mother~ ask her to tell you "good job"

10. [+103, -2] I'd understand that maybe he couldn't have known she was pregnant but she's clearly wearing a pregnancy badge right in front of him and he still refused to give up the seat. How can he think of posting something so embarrassing on SNS? Even animals share resources with other pregnant animals ㅎㅎ 

11. [+90, -1] I can see why he feels so accomplished... this is all his skills will ever amount to accomplishing, tsk

12. [+60, -1] To think that your mother was once given blessings for giving birth to a kid like you... tsk tsk