Kim Heechul jokes about marriage plans after the pandemic ends

Article: Kim Heechul reveals marriage plans "After corona ends this year, I'm planning on early next year"

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+100] I don't necessarily find him to be an ideal marriage partner ㅋㅋ is he even dating anyone right now?

2. [+95] And who's your partner?

3. [+48] Do you even have a partner?

4. [+46] Will corona end this year? 😳

5. [+42] I mean.. when corona ends? So is he basically saying he plans to never get married...

6. [+6] He was just saying this as a joke, no need for it to be in the news

7. [+10] I can't believe he's already 40 years old though

8. [+12] True, you'll struggle to get married the older you get

9. [+3] Wait, when did they break up?

10. [+1] Yeah, well, I don't think corona is ever going to be over