Freezia posts apology video, halts all promo activities and closes SNS accounts

Article: Song Jia eventually halts promotions, "I feel pathetic about my past... please stop the criticisms against my family"

Source: The Joongang via Naver

1. [+2,032, -42] Whether she wore fakes or authentics, whether she cosplayed as from a golden spoon or dirt spoon, these were all things I never cared to know about. However, the stuff about her pro-Chinese acts does disgust me. All actions require responsibility and she deserves the hate she's getting for her Chinese videos.

2. [+693, -13] I bet you she'll be back in within six months

3. [+555, -18] She loves China so much, she can go to China and eat lots of Chinese food and take a nice long break. 

4. [+359, -12] Already over her after finding out about her pro-China videos...

5. [+122, -8] This is Korea, we have no need for news about a Chinese celebrity

6. [+106, -2] Please start by apologizing for calling kimchi 'pao cai' in your video

7. [+88, -2] It wasn't just the fakes but she tried to sell off our kimchi to China too~ she totally sold her soul to China. She doesn't care at all about her country as she long as she comes out ahead.

8. [+62, -1] I understand giving your Chinese viewers fan service in your Chinese videos but there was no need to call kimchi 'pao cai', that was just crossing the line

9. [+60, -4] I have my doubts that Song Jia was alone in committing all of this... I'm sure the two female CEOs of her company had a lot to lead in this. And now that she's in trouble, both of them have completely gone into hiding... aigoo, you two don't deserve to be called adults

10. [+49, -2] The pro-China pao cai just crossed the line

11. [+41, -1] I think Kang Yewon's ambitions were too greedy

12. [+41, -1] I don't think she deleted everything, possibly just privated them?? I'm sure she'll be back in a few months once things quiet down. Either way... it's her channel, her SNS in the end... I'm sure she'll figure her life out!!! Since she's a golden spoon and all...~~


Source: TBig News via YouTube

1. [+141] She's still young, so... I hope she gathers her spirits and becomes reborn...

2. [+642] Honestly, I'm seeing her CEO Kang Yewon in a new light after this

3. [+589] Nevermind the fakes, shouldn't she apologize for the pao cai? Why isn't she apologizing for the most important part of her scandal?

4. [+106] She did wrong but I think this is the cleanest apology video and letter I've seen so far. No excuses, just explained what she did wrong and apologized for it..

5. [+103] Wouldn't deleting her YouTube channel be a more genuine show of apology? Or does she refuse to give up her subs..

6. [+90] Sigh... I hope she's truly reflecting on all of this...

7. [+61] This is something that Hyowon's CEO Kang Yewon needs to take responsibility for. Hyowon's the one that accepted investments from Chinese companies and opened separate Chinese video channels as well as naming kimchi as 'pao cai' on the videos. Chinese netizens will just use Hyowon's video as another example of Korea admitting that kimchi belongs to China. The fakes scandal doesn't even matter at this point, it's Hyowon that needs to be criticized for passing over our culture to China so easily like this.

8. [+53] Must haves for a YouTube apology video: gaunt face, disheveled hair, black shirt, stare at the ground

9. [+44] I feel like she's getting more hate than what her wrongs deserve, it's unfortunate

10. [+265] Why didn't she clarify the Chinese stuff?