Freezia becomes a rising variety star thanks to 'Single's Inferno' fame

Article: 'Single's Inferno' PD responds to viewer question asking if the show was purposely edited to make Freezia stand out

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+723] I would not have watched 'Single's Inferno' if not for Freezia ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+445] She shines all on her own which is why she stood out compared to the other contestants... Even if she had less screentime, she would've still gotten headlines anyway

3. [+244] She didn't need any special editing, she was pretty as is

4. [+135] The show would not have gotten as famous as it did without Freezia...

5. [+105] Freezia fans gather here 😍

6. [+85] I think viewer ratings were as good as they were because of her

7. [+31] Can't really be helped when she stands out just for being herself... 

8. [+19] I would not have watched if not for Freezia... I never cared about the love lines, just watched to see Zia's styling

9. [+18] I agree with everyone that I watched for Freezia 😍

10. [+55] She got this much attention even after they edited extra scenes out  🤔👏👏


Article: Single's Inferno Freezia to share her lifestyle on 'Point of Omniscient Interfere'

Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+465] ㅜㅜ Single's Inferno was never about finding a relationship but more for setting up a celebrity career ㅜㅜ why can't they do these dating shows with regular non-celebrities?

2. [+324] Who is she and why is she everywhere these days??

3. [+218] Does she have a manager now?

4. [+54] Why is she so famous now!!?

5. [+24] So is she a celebrity now...?????

6. [+16] So what's her actual job title now

7. [+28] She's always been half celebrity. A lot of people already knew who she was. I find her so charming and pretty for someone so young ㅎㅎ but now that she's in the headlines all of a sudden, I think she's attracting a lot of jealous haters who didn't know her before. 

8. [+2] So she's a celebrity now....