Seo Yeji to begin filming for her next drama after 7 month hiatus from scandal

 Article: Seo Yeji makes comeback after 7 months... filming begins for Eve's Scandal

Source: Everyday Economy via Naver

1. [+3,146, -56] People with such poor character like her need to be weeded out. They're people who are fully capable of abusing their power again.

2. [+1,763, -10] I'm more amazed at the people still willing to cast her

3. [+1,008, -6] Is it necessary? When there are so many other actresses?

4. [+821, -8] I don't wish to see her anymore, please take her off the show

5. [+704, -9] I will never understand broadcast people who continue to cast people like her

6. [+210, -3] The world is getting scarier... as a public figure, she has shown that her morals are not up to our standards, and yet she's back in public like nothing happened. Most people would feel it too difficult to face the public again but by the fact that she's doing it, you can tell what kind of person she is.

7. [+148, -3] No consideration at all for the viewers.. is there really no actress to replace her?

8. [+122, -1] Is tvN trying to play us right now??

9. [+121, -2] Why is this necessary?? Soooo~~~~ many actresses with so much better talent and beauty... I question the character of the people who are still willing to cast her.

10. [+118, -3] Isn't the celebrity industry tired of this yet?? The truth hasn't changed, there are other actresses who can take her place. Until when is the industry just going keep using thugs like this as long as they're popular?


Source: Insight via Instagram

1. [+571] Amazing that the production company even cast her at all

2. [+443] Seo Ddakddak

3. [+395] There's actually a drama willing to cast her...

4. [+588] And we have a right to refuse to watch her on dramas

5. [+284] Isn't it too early for a comeback? I'll make sure not to watch

6. [+491] She must have quite the support network

6. [+119] Why would you cast her at all?

7. [+200] There are celebrities who have hit people while drinking and driving, s*xually assaulted others, solicited pr*stitution, and they're all on TV just fine... it's not fair her career to be ruined over something like this, is it?

8. [+106] Well, I hope she lives up to her beauty and changes her actions and words for the better...