Is the '7 year curse' for idol groups really such a bad thing?

Article: After life as an idol for 7 years... is 'disbandment' still such a curse?

Source: Han via Naver

1. [+420, -21] For these idols to have lasted seven years, they basically kept their companies afloat the entire time. It's around the seven year mark that they finally start making their own money, so why would they want to stay with their groups? They basically spent the past seven years akin in status as debtors, forced to pay off all the investments made in them.

2. [+392, -79] I'd consider Mamamoo more like good singers than an idol group. It's not like they got famous off of their looks, and they're old enough where they can sing any genre of songs without it feeling inappropriate.

3. [+94, -16] I want to see more groups with long careers that produce their own music. Not groups that are handed songs and all they have to do is dance to them. Those are the kind of groups that companies work hard for a short period of time and then end up disappearing. I want groups like Boys 2 Men who we can enjoy for decades at a time. 

4. [+79, -5] Let's not be so quick to call these idols artists is all I'm saying

5. [+27, -6] The reason idols quit = money

6. [+20, -0] Seven years may seem like a short time but it's not like they're earning minimum wage during that time. Worry about yourselves...

7. [+11, -0] They're all investing in real estate and stocks and doing fine even if they're from a mid-tier agency. All it takes is a bit of fame for them to be driving around Benz s500s so don't worry about celebrities.

8. [+13, -3] Makes Shinhwa seem amazing

9. [+10, -0] They've made enough money in those seven years. They bought up buildings and can live off the rent money.

10. [+9, -2] The groups that don't make it past seven years are mostly the ones who never made it big. What's funnier is that after they disband, their solo activities are even bigger of a flop. Then they start going into opening their own cafes that eventually go bankrupt. I still wouldn't worry about celebrities, though.

11. [+8, -2] Haven't Super Junior and 2PM made it past the 10 year mark?

12. [+6, -0] The longevity of a group is dependent on how well they're able to close the gaps in their contract renewals, but the popular members usually end up losing out in the deal. If they still stay, the group continues, and if they leave, they're off to find better contract conditions..

13. [+8, -3] I hope Mamamoo never disbands... I really think they're one of the best teams

14. [+6, -2] For most idol groups, they're in their late twenties after seven years... 27 to 28 years old is an age where you start thinking about your future, and it's kind of embarrassing to say you're an idol still at 28. Companies are also continuing to train and put out new idol groups in their teens so you end up getting replaced anyway.

15. [+5, -1] I don't care about idols disbanding, I'm just tired of them getting into acting and taking up opportunities from more deserving talents