'Hellbound' ranks #1 on Netflix worldwide a day into its release

Article: Netflix's Hellbound ranks #1 worldwide just day after release

Source: JTBC via Naver

1. [+1,835, -83] Our country is so amazing~ we were in ruins after the war but have now joined the ranks of the most advanced countries in the world in just half a century. Our land is so small and yet it's so filled with people who are capable of so many amazing things... our country will really be a top force in 10 years!!

2. [+816, -41] They could release the drama 'Heo Jun' on Netflix and it'd rank #1

3. [+482, -32] I thought it was boring up to the third episode but it started picking up from the fourth to the sixth. Daebak, it's so so good. I'm rewatching it a second time and it's actually sucking me in again! It deserves to be #1 global. Please watch it twice before you decide on whether you like it or not. Can't wait for the second season.

4. [+394, -112] I personally liked it better than 'Squid Game'. It really drew me in.

5. [+122, -8] I skipped every scene with the YouTuber, he bothered me so much

6. [+115, -9] I had no idea Korean influence had grown this big. When I first watched 'Squid Game', I thought it was a decent drama, and then became shocked to see the whole world go crazy over the games and dalgona and ranking #1. As soon as I watched 'Hellbound', I knew it was amazing and that it would surpass 'Squid Game'. I can't wait to see what kind of hype 'Hellbound' brings now. I wonder if we'll reach a point where we feel disappointed whenever a Korean drama doesn't rank #1. I can't tell anymore if Korean dramas are really that well made or if this is just a flash in the pan but it doesn't bother me that Korean culture is in the spotlight right now.

7. [+87, -5] Watching this made me think of the Shincheonji believers

8. [+93, -25] I'm still someone who thought it was boring... the Arrowhead teens pissed me off so badly... and the violence that occurs before the people are burned. I think the drama is enjoying the 'Squid Game' buff, and it's going to come down from #1 soon...


Source: Naver

1. [+1,700, -89] We are an amazing country. Out of such a small country, a country halved by war.. there is nothing we can't do. From K-Pop to K-Dramas, we are sweeping up the world. Our songs, dramas, movies are becoming global. 

2. [+599, -59] The streamer totally ruined it for me

3. [+425, -54] It's a good drama that accurately expresses the reality behind a media that only focuses on reporting the most stimulating content, brainwashed people who only believe in what they want to believe... There's really no meaning behind why the monsters are taking people to hell. It's a drama that shows that our own reality is hell in itself. The cast has shown exemplary acting as well. I personally think it's better than 'Squid Game'.

4. [+286, -21] Our country is doing amazing things

5. [+81, -7] I enjoyed it. I liked the criticism of Korean society and religion, and I'll definitely be tuning in for the next season.


Source: Naver

1. [+370, -48] I watched it yesterday and it was so good

2. [+297, -22] There was good thrill, it was fun to watch. I just really hated the streamer. So noisy and chaotic.

3. [+234, -12] The streamer was the worst..

4. [+149, -2] The streamer was a great satirical representation of fake news psychos

5. [+112, -11] I don't know, I didn't enjoy it that much...