Han So Hee hopes for her acting to run deeper than her beauty

Article: Han So Hee, "Pretty actress? Looks are just your shell.. I don't want to only be known as pretty"

Source: Insight + Insight via Instagram

1. [+272] Easy for her to say that because she's pretty...

2. [+190] She can say that because she's pretty

3. [+143] She has such deep thoughts. Innocent with great character 👏👏

4. [+89] Pretty on the inside

5. [+84] She's pretty like Son Ye Jin is but it's great that she's not insistent on sticking to the "pretty roles" despite being in her twenties. Cool of her to go for variety ㅎ

6. [+67] She's gorgeous so it's easy for her to say that looks are just your shell... The truth is that she benefits off of her beauty too. Either way, I support her as an actress.

7. [+35] Such a unique actress...

8. [+24] You can tell from her Instagram that she's not an account that only pushes pretty, pictorial-like images

9. [+19] She's so cool

10. [+8] Pretty but a great actress too 👏👏