Sponsor scandal C gives exclusive interview on what really went down

Article: [Exclusive Interview] C says, "I admit to prostitution accusations, but..."

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

C basically claimed that she was fooled by the broker. She did borrow money from him and he told her that he didn't have to pay her back but instead meet with a friend of his who is a big fan of hers. She agreed to the meeting in a blind date style and only found out later that he had paid the broker to meet her. She denies ever receiving money from the man and emphasized that the meeting was like any blind date and that she continued seeing him afterwards with positive feelings. She never considered the relationship 'prostitution' and blames herself for trusting the broker so foolishly.


1. [+400, -53] Here she goes with the sympathy card. Hey, are you some little kid? Are you in elementary school? Why would someone lend you 15 million won and say you don't have to pay it back but instead go on a date with my friend. Isn't it obvious what's going on there? Just shut up and go reflect instead of putting out excuses like this because it's taking down the rest of what's left of your image. And I don't know what personal issues you had but your company claimed that you were paid a billion won when you left the company so why is it that you still needed 15 million won to borrow tsk tsk tsk. What a disappointment, I was your fan because you had such a caring, innocent image. Screw off now.

2. [+316, -29] (Word play on G.NA's name)

3. [+305, -30] That's a whole lot of words for something that can be explained with "I sold my body"

4. [+39, -2] So you thought the broker was your friend and he let you borrow some money when you needed it and said that you didn't need to pay it back as long as you went on a blind date, right? And the broker was paid for that blind date but you never received anything for that blind date. That isn't considered prostitution then. You should be suing the broker for scamming you, no?

5. [+39, -22] I just want to believe in her... she's always been known for being naive and innocent about the industry. I always wondered why she did it when she can make that money in just a few events..

6. [+37, -12] I want to believe this to be true. It's hard to scope out scammers when you're in difficult times, it's only until after you've been scammed that you realize what happened. Reflect for being so naive and trusting and come back with a better image.

7. [+31, -18] Commenters, think about it from her perspective. I honestly think the story's plausible. She went on a blind date and she liked the guy. So they started dating and she slept with him. That's something we all do, right? Why can't she? And furthermore, she's from America where dating rules are a lot more lax. How was she supposed to know that the ba$tard was paying the broker behind her back for it? She was scammed in all of this.

8. [+23, -0] What is she saying... So the broker told her she didn't need to pay him back as long as she went on a blind date so she did and she fell for him and had sex with him but it turns out that the man was paying the broker all this time??

9. [+21, -17] I understand her situation. I'm the same type of naive personality that's easy to fool. A lot of people have always said that C is naive and trusts people easily. It's not like she isn't popular or poor. Everyone, celebrity or not, needs to be careful with the people they choose to associate themselves with. There's no one you can really trust.

10. [+18, -2] ;;;; She borrowed such a huge amount of money, how could she not suspect that there were other intentions behind that blind date?'

11. [+17, -7] This is the best story she could come up with? This is an excuse that even remaining fans would turn their back on her for

12. [+15, -1] Sounds more like she knows that her concept is that naive, innocent little girl so she's using it as her excuse...

13. [+15, -1] If the interview's true, C was indeed scammed but she isn't completely innocent. She borrowed money and didn't pay it back and instead went on a blind date and had sex with the guy. She was 'scammed' by the broker but she's not suing him and instead admitted to prostitution charges... that's a huge crime that will impact her career as a celebrity, I don't understand why she isn't taking legal action.

14. [+15, -0] So she borrowed money and instead of paying it back she went on a blind date and met with him a few times and later found out that the man was paying the broker for those meetings, which is how it ended up being classified as prostitution.

15. [+13, -4] Why did she admit to prostitution charges and then say she didn't prostitute herself? ㅡㅡ


Source: Naver

1. [+51, -5] That broker sounds like a dirty, scary man

2. [+24, -1] I guess we'll find out the truth once the judgment is out... If she really didn't know, then she'll be able to avoid prostitution charges but I truly question if she really didn't know...

3. [+35, -6] It's honestly hard to believe her... she had sex three times with the man in that short time.. all the way in America too

4. [+41, -11] Get the man who bought her, there wouldn't be a product without the consumer

5. [+10, -1] Yeah, I totally believe that a female celebrity as old as her dated an ajusshi 20 years older than her just because a friend put her on a blind date with him ㅋㅋㅋ