[Pann] Collection of proof that Hwayoung wasn't bullied

Pann: The surprising real image of T-ara's ex-member Hwayoung

Run-down of the events leading to the 'determination tweets' that everyone claims Hwayoung was bullied by.

This is a picture of Hwayoung being supported by two men. Just before this picture was taken, she was walking just fine on her two legs until she got to the van waiting in front of the airport and reached for support.

Fans who were there to take pictures: What the?

T-ara and Ryu Hwayoung went to Japan and started rehearsals straight after for their concert. Hwayoung, however, said that her leg was hurting and couldn't participate in the rehearsals so she left to go rest in the hotel.

The choreography was then changed from 8 members -> 7 members. As fangirls should know, changing a choreography is huge work and doesn't happen frequently since it causes a revamp from start to finish... But T-ara started rehearsals again as 7 members. But what the...? Hwayoung, who supposedly hurt her leg, is where...? At the nail art shop~

Then T-ara got mad and started talking about determination on Twitter.

By the way, if you ever wondered how strong T-ara's own determinations were...

- From 2009 to 2012, they slept for as little as 2-3 hours a day for three straight years to complete all of their schedules, sleeping 30 minutes in travel time.

- In 2012, Jiyeon broke her nose after getting accidentally hit by a back dancer during her Japanese concert. She still finished her concert until the end and got diagnosed at a hospital before flying straight back to Korea to complete 'Music Bank' and another event. She then went back to Japan to finish her Japanese tour concerts.

- Jiyeon finally went back to Korea for surgery. But of course, T-ara back then was known for their killer schedules. Music Bank, Inkigayo, Music Core, Open Music Concert, Sponge, Gag Concert, Running Man, Olympic events, IAC, etc.. the list goes on and on. She only took a day off the day of her surgery and then went straight back into her schedules.

- October 10th, 2013 - No. 9's comeback stage. Jiyeon's knee started hurting during the M. Countdown pre-recording but she completed the pre-recording and went to the hospital to be diagnosed with synovitis. What that means is that water is being filled inside the kneecap and treatment requires that she not move or walk a lot. Walking causes pain.

Jiyeon, however, went straight to the live broadcast of M. Countdown just two hours after getting her shot and completed her entire choreography. This went on for an entire two months of schedules.

- January 1st, 2012 - Jiyeon fainted on Inkigayo. She had been running off of basically no sleep due to the 2011 Gayo Daejun pre-recording and live broadcast and fainted as soon as she finished her 'Cry Cry' stage on the Inkigayo New Year special.

- In 2014, Jiyeon was rushed to the emergency room for enteritis and acute indigestion only after she was waiting for T-ara's turn on Music Core. She was then discharged the very next day and went back to her schedules. She also apologized for not being able to perform on stage that day.

Etc, etc, there is no end to the determination of these girls. Compared to Hwayoung, it's like comparing the sky to the ground. No matter how injured they were, they completed their choreography. Hwayoung, however... all she had to do was sit on a chari and sing but she didn't even attend her concert because she was supposedly so hurt. The members had every right to make those determination tweets. Not that it makes T-ara right but there's a reason they directed those tweets at her.


An interview by a rep who observed T-ara and Hwayoung said, "Hwayoung started getting a celebrity disease after she settled in with the group. She was cocky about being a celebrity and a T-ara member... the original members weren't like that. I wondered why a new member would be acting like that... and I think she wasn't bullied but the other members just reprimanded that type of behavior and the scandal blew up into what it is right now."


The story about Hwayoung throwing her crutches on 'Music Bank' and refusing to perform on stage -> Some think it's just Kwang Soo's media play but journalists and Music Bank PDs testified to the story.

On top of that, a famous Hyomin picture fansite (she is close enough with Hyomin that she knows her number and follows all of T-ara's schedules) tweented that Hwayoung threw her crutches on July 30th, 2012 at 1:49 PM... CCM confirmed it the same day at 2:38 PM. Basically, fans knew that Hwayoung threw her crutches before the company announced it. It was not media play but fact. 

As observed by the fansite admin, Hwayoung's twin Hyoyoung had sent a text to T-ara's Ahreum saying, "Hwayoung isn't getting love all because of you!"

Right before the Music Bank live, Hyomin tried to bring Hwayoung and Ahreum together to get them to make up but Hwayoung got mad and threw her crutches and left.


Lastly, the reactions of the people who have worked with T-ara to the scandal.

1. T-ara's make up artist: Anyone who knows will know.

2. T-ara's former manager: Koreans are the best when it comes to making up stories. You can put away your needless sense of justice.

3. T-ara's chief choreographer: You cannot call something you did not experience for yourself the truth. Spreading distorted versions of what happened as the truth is close to crime... How upsetting. What did these young friends do to deserve this? They cannot say that they're hurt even when they are, or that they're struggling.. What is the truth? Is it that important to us living our lives...? How has our society changed to this extent...

4. T-ara's main composer Ahn Young Min: Netizens should tell their families that they love them in the time they're writing these hateful comments.

5. T-ara's back dancer: People are so... mean...

6. Fashion stylist Han Jong Wan: Retweeted a tweet saying T-ara's Hwayoung wasn't bullied

7. T-ara's acting manager: also tweeted videos and articles that refuted the bullying claim.

8. Former backdancers: Scary how people can have this sheep mentality over something that they don't even know the truth about.

9. Other backdancers: The world is so scary... You're all going to be punished for making all of this up. It's not the truth, so stop!!

10. Hwayoung's close unni: I'll say this for the last time. From what I know, regarding kids fighting over whether Hwayoung was bullied or not, I think it is the netizens who made Hwayoung out to be the victim of bullying. To what extent is the question... There are things about the celebrity industry that non-stars will never understand....

11. Actor Ahn Jae Min's interview who was friends with Eunjung in school: wrote a lengthy Twitter post testifying to Eunjung not being a bully and supporting her. Eunjung then got in contact with him and asked why he did that for her when he didn't have to.

12. Suzy's interview where she talked about Jiyeon taking care of everyone around her and putting them before herself.

....and dozens of other interviews and words of support by those that know T-ara the best.


1. [+356, -112] Sigh... imagine how frustrated the T-ara members must've felt

2. [+345, -82] Hwayoung is not normal, for real

3. [+284, -81] In the IAC case too when Hwayoung was talking to Sungjong, T-ara was playing table tennis. The umbrella being broken happened before that and T-ara tried to put it over together. Hwayoung deserved to be bullied.

4. [+172, -14] T-ara would've been such a successful group Hwayoung never joined them. All because of one wrong member, the entire group hit rock bottom and all of them lost their dreams;

5. [+171, -14] Posts like this have been coming up for several years now. People tried to clarify what happened but nobody wanted to listen. I'll be grateful if people took off their bias for a second and read through this.

6. [+163, -15] This pisses me off, how could this kid act like the victim and get all that praise this entire time

7. [+138, -8] All she had to do was sit on a chair and sing her part but she left because her leg hurt fully knowing that T-ara had been waiting for this important, first concert for so long. And then she went to a nail salon? B2ST's Kikwang hurt his leg but he sat on stage on a chair and completed all of his performances. What a comparison.

8. [+121, -10] Yeah, it was just some discord that turned into a bullying witch hunt..

9. [+115, -13] So glad that people are slowly starting to realize that Hwayoung was not bullied ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+97, -14] Bullying = torturing someone consistently. What happened with T-ara was just a single instance of a fight within the group. When you're in a group of six friends and one of them does something that the rest of you thinks is ridiculous so you get into a fight over it, does that mean that one friend is being bullied? No, it's just a fight. They could've made up and moved on but netizens blew it up and there was no returning from that.

11. [+88, -2] Doesn't matter because to Koreans, once they exile someone, they don't care about them anymore