Korean food leaves an impression at 'Expo Milano 2015'

Article: The taste of Korean cuisine takes Milano... the 'globalization of Korean cuisine'

Source: SBS via Naver [video clip in source]

Korean food trucks at 'Expo Milano 2015'

1. [+239, -7] I live overseas... and seriously, instead of pushing kimchi, please push more competitive food like steamed chicken, bulgogi, steamed beef, etc... When I show my foreign friends kimchi, they think it's cool but feel uncomfortable eating it. They looove steamed chicken, beef, and bulgogi though.

2. [+175, -10] Just keep pushing foods like marinated galbi, bulgogi, glass noodles, Korean pancakes, naengmyun, etc instead of kimchi. Korean food will never be globalized because we keep pushing kimchi and bibimbap. Also, if we want it to be more global, we need to make it public friendly by making more fast food versions, something easy for everyone to enjoy.

3. [+123, -12] I don't know why our taxes are being spent on the globalization of Korean cuisine. If people like Korean food and find worth in our products, it's going to spread globally whether we invest in it or not.

4. [+14, -0] I think kimchi has a bad image because we stress on it being spicy. There are tons of other versions like white kimchi, radish water kimchi, etc... refreshing and sweet versions with yummy broth! >_< I also heard foreigners love glass noodles, bulgogi, marinated pork... Koreans don't only have one type of kimchi~ there's a variety!

5. [+11, -3] Why are we trying to globalize Korean food? It's already been proven that the Korean food foreigners like are the ones closest to their cuisines... meat-based dishes like bulgogi.

6. [+10, -0] It takes foreigners at least 2-3 years of living in Korea to get used to the taste of kimchi... I don't think it's right to be pushing it on foreigners who aren't used to our cuisine yet. It'd be better to use ingredients they are familiar with like chicken or pork and emphasize the Korean flavors there instead.

7. [+6, -1] We have dried seaweed, kimchi pancakes, samgyupsal, etc... it's always with the damn kimchi that we're promoting. Try giving a foreigner dried seaweed and they'll love it.


Article: "Wow~" English people react to trying kimbap for the first time

Source: Kuki News via Nate [video]

1. [+416, -18] I feel so bad for 'English Man', he tries so hard to raise awareness about Korea without getting anything in return.

2. [+289, -20] Kimbap is the perfectly balanced food. It has carbs, several vegetables, tastes good, nutritionally good.

3. [+275, -12] I love his channel, it's fun to watch. He basically introduces Korean snacks, drinks, ramyun, etc to English people.